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M-Trends 2014 Threat Report Revealed

Drum roll please…the fifth installment of Mandiant’s annual threat report, M-Trends has arrived! You can download the latest report, “M-Trends: Beyond the Breach”, here.

During the course of the month, we’ll be diving into M-Trends and offering our readers insight into each of the trends. Read the rest

By Helena Brito on April 10, 2014 0

Mandiant @ InfoSecurity Europe 2014: Who, What, Where & When

The countdown to InfoSecurity Europe 2014 has officially begun! With over 325+ exhibitors expected at the show, I want to make sure you know what Mandiant is up to throughout the event. Here is a Who, What, Where & When of M @ InfoSecurity Europe. Read the rest

By Helena Brito on April 8, 2014 0

Making Their Mark: How Women Are Finding their Place in the Field of Cybersecurity

Recently, M-Unition had the opportunity to sit down with three women who are making their mark on the field of cybersecurity. While we certainly see more women entering the field, it is still largely a male dominated profession. So we decided to find out from three women who have made great headway in the field just what it takes for a woman to break into this male dominated profession and become truly successful. Read the rest

By Helena Brito on March 19, 2014 0

Information Overload Addressed by Next-Gen SOC

Over the past couple of years Big Data has become one of the buzz words for industry and government. Hardly a minute goes by when you don’t hear someone talking about it on the conference exhibitor floor. As part of our podcast series, live from the  RSA USA Conference 2014, Richard Bejtlich, chief security strategist at FireEye, talks to Ron Bushar, director of Mandiant’s SOC/CIRT Services team about managing and analyzing data in today’s security operations center (SOC) and what is required to address the exponentially growing amounts of data. Read the rest

By Helena Brito on March 13, 2014 1

Setting Traps and Going Hunting

As part of our podcast series, live from the RSA USA Conference,  we are digging into the topic of advanced threats, attacks, and best practices to implement on the network. In this podcast, our host, Richard Bejtlich, sits down with Chris Bream, director within Professional Services at Mandiant to discuss the latest trends in attacks, how they are continuing to evolve their tactics, and the shift that is required in the security industry to address the latest threat landscape. Read the rest

By Helena Brito on March 11, 2014 0

Investigating with Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) –
Part II

Written by Will Gibb & Devon Kerr

In our blog post “Investigating with Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) – Part I,” we presented a scenario involving the “Acme Widgets Co.,” a company investigating an intrusion, and its incident responder, John. John’s next objective is to examine the system “ACMWH-KIOSK” for evidence of attacker activity. Read the rest

By Will Gibb on March 5, 2014 1
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