Mandiant® - Detect. Respond. Contain.

The "Go-To" People For When (Not If) Attacks Get Through

Mandiant is the ONLY information security company that can both: tell a company when it has
been compromised
AND tell what the material
impact of the breach is.

Read that again.

Because in that simplicity lies an extraordinary statement. Despite the billions spent on everything from
intrusion prevention to dashboards that blink like Times Square, the overwhelming majority of
advanced targeted attacks proceed undetected — and proliferate undefended.

Mandiant and Machine




The skills that it takes to deliver on our mission can be found in our products and our services - what we call “Mandiant and Machine.” It’s that proprietary blend which makes us the go-to people when attacks get through. And they will. It’s inevitable. You cannot avoid dealing with inconvenient realities of computer intrusions, no matter how high your fence is built.

More than 30% of the Fortune 100 have turned to us when they’ve been under assault - just one step away from becoming a CNN news alert. (And sometimes, afterwards.) Government agencies with familiar acronyms are our clients, as are boldface financial institutions, domestic and foreign police departments, and leading law firms who are critical guardians of invaluable IP. We'll send in bodies when necessary, and leave our technology — with its persistent gaze — behind.

Delivering Situational Awareness Through Teamwork

We Complement Your
Capabilities With Ours

We don’t want to colonize your IT world. We strategically complement your capabilities with ours, creating an alliance of strength. The more you can drive, the happier we are.

There Is Strength
In Fingerprints

We recognize that evil is relentless, and know that it is best defeated by a combination of innovation and cooperation. We don't work in isolation; we share whatever we can with the larger security community.

We Have
Undisputed Experts

They include former law enforcement officers, intelligence officers, Department of Defense computer security specialists, computer programmers, and forensic examiners.

How We Became Who We Are

In 2004, below a Thai restaurant and the ever-present aroma of Pad Thai, Mandiant opened for business. Our founder was industry guru Kevin Mandia, and he remains our CEO, our intellectual provocateur, and an insistent — yet fundamentally optimistic — voice about the realities of today’s threat landscape.