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Mandiant Intelligence Center

Intelligence & Context About Advanced Threat Actors

Product Overview

Mandiant Intelligence Center™ is a subscription-based product that provides access to information, tools and contextual analysis about the tactics, intent and behavioral patterns of advanced threat groups. Mandiant Intelligence Center draws on proprietary intelligence gathered from Mandiant’s hundreds of thousands of hours on the front lines to equip security teams with the context required to effectively respond to and defend against the most advanced threat actors.

Organizations of all sizes can take advantage of Mandiant Intelligence Center to minimize the frequency and scope of security incidents.
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  • Threat Prioritization

    Understand the risk posed by different threat actors.
  • Reduced Risk

    Identify & stop attacks as they are beginning.
  • Security Investment ROI

    Adjust your security posture based on the latest trends.
  • Analyst Efficiency

    Reduce time spent evaluating disparate information.

What It Does.

Mandiant Intelligence Center arms organizations with the information and more importantly the context required to defend themselves against advanced threats and reduce the impact of compromise. It provides subscribers access to in-depth proprietary Mandiant intelligence, time with a dedicated Mandiant threat intelligence representative, and tools that help them understand high priority threats so they are able to respond appropriately to identify and stop attacks.

  • Profiles of Advanced Threat Groups

    Managed Defense: Endpoint

    Context about Attackers

    Detailed profiles of advanced threat groups including their latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) plus analysis on trends in targeted industries and characteristics of the data each group pursues.

  • Network Intelligence

    Managed Defense: Endpoint

    Domain & IP Analysis

    Query Mandiant’s Intelligence Database with an IP or domain to get available contextual threat information such as threat group attribution, historical threat usage, and activity.

  • Analysis of High-Profile Threats

    Managed Defense: Endpoint

    Analysis & Trends

    Access timely analysis of new high-profile threat events and industry developments as they arise. You receive an event synopsis along with context about the specific threat or development and what it means to you.

  • Malware Analysis

    Managed Defense: Endpoint

    Automated Malware Analysis

    Upload samples for static and dynamic analysis, associated malware families, contextual information like threat group attribution and frequency of use, A/V results, whitelisting or blacklisting verification, and an Indicator of Compromise (IOC) to help find this file on other systems.

  • Custom Intelligence Support

    Managed Defense: Endpoint

    Threat Intelligence Support

    Access to a dedicated Mandiant threat intelligence representative to provide additional detail on malware and IP/domain submissions, elaborate on risk specific to your industry, receive guidance on how to leverage the information in the Center and how to refine your own intelligence analysis approach.