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Mandiant Managed Defense™

Protect Your Assets from Advanced & Persistent Threats

Product Overview

Mandiant Managed Defense brings together all of the experts, experience and technology required to find attackers at any stage of an attack and respond aggressively before they complete their mission. Whether it’s a spear phishing e-mail, command and control activity or attackers logging into your VPN with stolen user credentials we’ll tell you. And we do more than just alert you. We give you context, tell you how to respond and where threats belong on your priority list.

“We chose Mandiant because of their proven experience dealing with the truly serious attackers. We were looking for someone who was going to be at the edge of this space."
—CIO, Leading Professional
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  • Find & Stop Attackers

    Identify advanced attacks others solutions miss.
  • Prevent Data Theft

    Stop attackers before they steal your sensitive assets.
  • Investigate Immediately

    Reduce the time to contain & remediate threats.
  • Reduce Risk

    Contain security events so they don’t become public.

What It Does.

The combination of the network- and host-based visibility available with Mandiant Managed Defense enables Mandiant’s analysts to see “attackers in motion” and “attackers at rest”.

  • Hunt for Attackers in Your Environment

    Mandiant Managed Defense: Endpoint

    Mandiant analysts sweep your endpoints and actively investigate your systems for signs of advanced attacker activity based on Mandiant’s latest intelligence.

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  • See Active Attacker Activity

    Mandiant Managed Defense: Network

    Mandiant’s analysts apply proprietary network intelligence to identify active command & control communications and data theft on your network.

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