Litigation Support

The preservation, collection, minimization, production and analysis of electronically stored information (ESI) have all become more central to litigation as more information has become digitized. Mandiant supports organizations facing the prospect of legal action when the interpretation of electronic evidence is required. Mandiant performs this work for clients across many different sectors including manufacturing, technology, entertainment, state government, financial services, insurance, defense and regulated industry.

Overview of Services

  • Mandiant applies its technical skills to determine what the electronic evidence shows. This may involve supporting its clients in court, helping them prepare for litigation when ESI is involved or providing analysis that can be used during sensitive internal inquiries.

    • Expert Guidance

      Expert Guidance

      Mandiant consultants provide expertise to plaintiffs, the defense and special masters. Specifically Mandiant:

      • Works with legal counsel in non-technical areas such as preservation order development, discovery request generation and deposition support
      • Provides expert witness testimony in criminal and civil proceedings
      • Conducts a variety of technical activities associated with the examination and processing of electronically stored information