ThreatSpace: Real-World Attack Scenarios

Instructor-led training course

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Course Description

This intense three-day training covers the most modern, sophisticated attacks used by advanced persistent threat (APT) actors, and teaches students how to engage in effective analysis and incident response against real world threats.

After a brief classroom session, two days of hands-on exercises take students through examples of real adversary activity and the process of responding to a nation-state level threat—all without actual risk. Students will perform triage and analysis, create timelines of activity, and report findings in real-time.

Experienced incident response practitioners facilitate the exercise and share practical experiences from the field. All exercises are conducted on-site using a cloud-based cyber range.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Describe primary sources of data in incident response
  • Perform triage and in-depth analysis of an affected enterprise network
  • Effectively structure and organize a response team across multiple disciplines
  • Identify malicious behavior and create useful timelines of activity

Who should attend

Incident responders at all skill levels, professionals who want to understand incident response in the context of APT attacks.


Familiarity with the incident response concepts, experience as an incident response team member.

Delivery method

In-classroom or virtual instructor-led training


  • 3 days