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Mandiant Automated Defense augments the role of security analysts and reduces business risk by delivering automated alert triage, investigation, and prioritization, so your team can focus on the cases that matter. 

Automate Alert Investigation at Scale with Virtual Mandiant Experts

  • Automatically triage alerts and events to diagnose potential incidents in real-time with data science and machine learning, powered by Mandiant expertise and threat intelligence.

Reduce the Cost of Security Engineering

  • Improve security operations efficacy and productivity with multi-source investigation capabilities at scale, without the need to write rules or playbooks.

Leverage Existing Technology and Resources

  • Weave together alerts and data from your existing security controls, data repositories, cloud providers and threat intelligence feeds to optimize your security operations center. 

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Mandiant Automated Defense Reduces Risk and Lowers Costs

Automated Defense uses decision automation to correlate events from your security data and threat intelligence to enrich incident investigations for escalation and remediation. Reduce the potential impact of a security incident and improve productivity by prioritization based on attack stage progression, impacted assets and Mandiant’s confidence score. 

Why Today:

  • Reduce false positives
  • Improve visibility
  • Save time
  • Close the skills gap
"Mandiant Automated Defense is powerful automation for security investigations and helps us deliver a world-class cybersecurity service for our MSP customers. Its AI foundation connects the dots between suspicious events from a wide range of vendors without flooding customers with security alerts that end up being false positives."
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Aidan Kehoe

CEO at SKOUT Cybersecurity