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Discover active breaches as they happen

Are you compromised? Which adversaries are targeting you? What are they after? Know when a headline breach activity exists in your environment.

Breach Analytics for Chronicle, part of the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform, takes the latest threat intelligence from the Mandiant Intel Grid™ to identify the presence of current, relevant indicators of compromise (IOCs) within an organization’s IT environment of any size.

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Solution Highlights

  • Higher confidence knowing about potential breaches as they happen​
  • Use Mandiant's early knowledge of indicators of compromise (IOCs)​
  • Easily deploy on Google Cloud Platform Chronicle SIEM
  • Do not need to rely on open-source, publicly known IOCs

Mandiant Intel Grid™​​

The power behind Mandiant Advantage, the Intel Grid includes insights from 200K+ hours responding to attacks per year, 3K+ threat actors tracked at any time and 300+ security researchers and intelligence analysts around the world. The Intel Grid has helped save over 7.6B analyst hours saved per year through automation and integration of these insights into the Advantage platform.

Augment your team with virtual Mandiant experts

Find incidents faster and significantly reduce dwell time. Decrease the staff needed to process threat intelligence and quickly integrate insights into your security operations.

Leverage findings from Mandiant Incident Response

Know immediately when headline breach activity exists in your environment. Analyze your logs, events and alerts in real-time for matches to IOCs of active breaches as Mandiant discovers them.

Reveal undiscovered and emerging security events and risks

Continuously investigate historical security events by comparing it with Mandiant's latest unpublished threat intelligence from our incident responders and analysts worldwide.

This year’s M-Trends 2023 Report is packed with key insights based on Mandiant’s frontline incident response investigations and threat intelligence analysis from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022.

"The historical analysis, rich datasets and cross-platform insight delivered through Mandiant Breach Analytics are the key values for me. Mandiant discovered the SolarWinds breach, and using Breach Analytics, my team could retroactively check historical security events for impact. Discovering new threats that leverage old vulnerabilities is where Breach Analytics shines for our team.”
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Omer Baig

Director of Security Operations, Mandiant
Managed Defense

Augment Automated Defense with Mandiant frontline experts. Explore Managed Defense.​

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