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Know what we know, when we know it. Breach Analytics for Chronicle continuously monitors your current and historical security events for real-time matches with the latest indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Know about a potential breach—fast

  • Leverage the latest unpublished threat intelligence through the Mandiant Intel Grid ™ straight from our frontline incident responders and threat intelligence analysts.

Mitigate business impact risk

  • Decrease the time it takes to discover a potential breach and accelerate investigations to make a defend/no-defend decision. 

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Mandiant Advantage

Mandiant Breach Analytics for Chronicle finds threats as they happen

To help you keep up with ongoing threats and evolving adversaries, Breach Analytics continuously checks the latest indicators of compromise (IOCs) against your historical and current events.

Why Today:

  • Improve visibility and analyze known and open-source
    threats along with proprietary Mandiant insights, for an
    early knowledge advantage against attacks. 
  • Consolidate threat alerts from multiple systems into a
    unified dashboard on the Mandiant Advantage SaaS

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