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Ransomware Defense Validation

Are you prepared for the next ransomware attack? 


CONTI continues to make headlines on attacks against healthcare organizations and international government agencies and other industries across the globe. To learn more about CONTI and other ransomware threats read Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence Report on Keeping up with Conti.

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Discover if your security controls can safeguard your data from ransomware

Mandiant Advantage Ransomware Defense Validation reports on your ability to prevent ransomware attacks. This continuous and automated service is delivered through the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform. 

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Intelligence-Led Validation

Ransomware Defense Validation safely runs the latest ransomware targeting your industry and peers, as seen by Mandiant experts on the frontlines. Daily evaluations with monthly reporting are augmented by discussions with Mandiant experts who review your progress and share insights on carefully curated ransomware evaluations for your organization.   

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Solution Highlights

  • Create confidence in your readiness to withstand ransomware attacks 
  • Identify gaps and misconfigurations to prioritize resources and tasks 
  • Easily communicate ability to prevent ransomware to key stakeholders 
  • Demonstrate improvements in security controls effectiveness to prevent ransomware 

Lessons From the Frontlines: Understand Your Ability to Prevent Ransomware

Thursday, March 31, 2022 @ 11:00 AM EDT  |  3:00 PM GMT 

Modern ransomware attacks and the adversaries behind them are targeting organizations of all size and industries. Learn about today’s #1 cyberthreat from frontline experts to understand if your security controls can prevent a ransomware attack. 

Get an exclusive perspective from Mandiant Advantage experts behind our ransomware intelligence, repurposed ransomware capabilities, and security validation.

Security Validation

Security Validation

Continuously test and understand the effectiveness of your security controls. 

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Understand the threats Mandiant sees targeting you and your peers. 

Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management

See your organization through the eyes of the attacker. 

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