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Attack Surface Visibility - See What Your Attackers See

More external assets and relationships mean more vulnerabilities. Having comprehensive and continuous visibility into your digital footprint will give you an external view of your organization that can inform security strategies.

Extend visibility into your attack surface.

Digital innovation and the proliferation of cloud-based applications have resulted in the growth of shadow IT and unmanaged external assets, making it more difficult for security teams to manage risk and harden their security posture.

A comprehensive attack surface management approach helps security teams map external assets and supply chain dependencies while operationalizing attack intelligence to develop a proactive security program.


of executives report that organizational complexity leads to cyber and privacy risks.1


of organizations have experienced some type of cyber attack in which the attack itself started through the exploit of an unknown, unmanaged or poorly managed internet-facing asset.2


of initial access came from exploiting public-facing applications.3

Add an Early Warning System to Your Security Environment

Add an Early Warning System to Your Security Environment

Webinar: Add an Early Warning System to Your Security Environment

Find out how to solve the challenges of distributed and shared environments by discovering and continually monitoring assets for cyber risk – giving you an early warning system.

See What Your Attacker Sees

Video: See What Your Attacker Sees

Understand how Attack Surface Management helps an organization keep track of dynamic, distributed IT environments and manage risk by seeing every technology that connects to its network and constantly expanding attack surface.

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Common Entry Points Exposed on the Internet

Hear Mandiant’s Jonathan Cran and Nader Zaveri discuss the top critical issues on external enterprise assets and how to remediate and harden against them.

"To optimize security operations and ensure a focus on the most critical vulnerabilities, it is essential that an organization receive actionable intelligence to quickly analyze any threat and immediately assess both its importance and the degree of exposure within their environment. This process used to be very manual, time-consuming, and error prone – now an organization can just use Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management."


Former cybersecurity advisor to NASA, FBI, Secret Service


The Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management module discovers and analyzes internet assets across today’s dynamic, distributed and shared environments to continually monitor for exposure and inform risk management.

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