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Threat Actor Tactics and Targeting Predictions for 2014

Predicting security challenges for the upcoming year is often an exercise in educated guesswork. These forecasts are often based on technological trends (e.g., attack surfaces to be exploited by adversaries, such as mobile devices and enterprise services in the cloud), attempts to influence potential customers (“this threat can only be solved by our widget!”), strategic shifts in adversary intents and motivations, red lines (or the absence thereof) for acceptable behavior and myriad other factors. Read the rest

By Intel Team on December 23, 2013 0

Best of the Best in 2013: The Armory

Everyone likes something for free. And there is no better place to go to get free analysis, intelligence and tools than The Armory on M-Unition. During the past year, we’ve offered intelligence and analysis on new threat activity, sponsored open source projects and offered insight on free tools like Redline™, all of which has been highlighted on our blog. Read the rest

By Helena Brito on December 20, 2013 1

Best of the Best in 2013: The Lab

There is no denying it. Mandiant recruits the best and the brightest talent to be part of our technical teams. This group is one of the most passionate in the industry. Each individual lives and breathes researching, investigating, creating new tools and techniques. Read the rest

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Best of the Best in 2013: The Whiteboard

One of the best things about M-Unition is that it gives us an opportunity to call upon our industry peers and experts and get their take on the cybersecurity landscape. Tapping into this community, we’ve heard from the best. They’ve shared their thoughts on trends and issues impacting our industry and talked about why they have joined the information security field. Read the rest

By Helena Brito on December 19, 2013 0

A Look Back at APT1, Threat Actors, and Security

It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached the end of another year. In the realm of cybersecurity, 2013 was a memorable year not for breaches, but for tectonic-level shifts that completely changed how we perceive cybersecurity and its impact on how we run our businesses, how our leaders govern, and more importantly, how we understand national security. Read the rest

By Helena Brito on December 18, 2013 0

OpenIOC Series: Investigating with Indicators of
Compromise (IOCs) – Part I

Written by Devon Kerr & Will Gibb

The Back to Basics: OpenIOC blog series previously discussed how Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) can be used to codify information about malware or utilities and describe an attacker’s methodology. Also touched on were the parts of an IOC, such as the metadata, references, and definition sections. Read the rest

By Will Gibb on December 16, 2013 0
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