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A Deeper Dive into M-Trends with Richard Bejtlich

Today’s organizations are beginning to recognize the intrinsic value of a well thought-out cybersecurity strategy, and with new attacks happening daily, the stakes are much higher. Threat trends and research play a large role in understanding the adversary and helping these organizations stay ahead the curve. Read the rest

By Helena Brito on May 19, 2014 0

An Intel Analyst’s Key Takeaways from M-Trends: Beyond
the Breach

It’s been a few weeks since we released the 2014 edition of M-Trends. This year we explored a number of diverse threat actors pursuing widely varying objectives, and what that activity means for our clients and businesses more broadly.

When we stepped back to reflect, it really hit home that cybersecurity risks are an enduring reality for all manner of organizations. Read the rest

By Intel Team on April 25, 2014 0

M-Trends on the Importance of Rapid Detection and

Every year I look forward to reading the new M-Trends Report. It’s a powerful summary of the lessons Mandiant learns from conducting incident response engagements for global clients. The report describes what our teams see in the field. It does not attempt to provide a statistically significant representation of the global population of incident response activity. Read the rest

By Richard Bejtlich on April 17, 2014 0

M-Trends 2014 Threat Report Revealed

Drum roll please…the fifth installment of Mandiant’s annual threat report, M-Trends has arrived! You can download the latest report, “M-Trends: Beyond the Breach”, here.

M-Trends 2014: Beyond the Breach

During the course of the month, we’ll be diving into M-Trends and offering our readers insight into each of the trends. Read the rest

By Helena Brito on April 10, 2014 0

Mandiant @ RSA USA 2014: Who, What, Where & When

We are fast approaching the start of RSA USA 2014, the largest conference in information security – taking place again this year at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. With 350+ exhibitors expected at the show, I want to make sure you know what Mandiant is up-to throughout the conference. Read the rest

By Helena Brito on February 18, 2014 0

Q&A Follow-Up – State of the Hack: M-Trends 2013

During our most recent webinar, State of the Hack: M-Trends of 2013, we received a lot of excellent questions. We received so many, in fact, that we didn’t have enough time to answer them all. Many of these questions provided additional information to the trends we identified last year. Read the rest

By Marshall Heilman on April 3, 2013 1
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From the Front Lines: It's the End of the Year as We Know It - 2014

Wed, Dec 3, 2014

2014 is drawing to a close, which means it’s time for Mandiant’s annual year-end review.

Join Richard Bejtlich, Chief Security Strategist at FireEye, Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor at DarkReading and Kristen Verderame, Chief Executive Officer at Pondera International as they share highlights from the past twelve months.

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