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The Defender’s Advantage Cyber Snapshot

The Defender’s Advantage Cyber Snapshot report delivers insights into today’s top cyber defense topics based on Mandiant frontline observations and real-world experience.

Download the report for a deep-dive into these four critical areas:

  • Common internet-facing vulnerabilities
  • Threats to operational technologies (OT) and ICS networks
  • Cyber security risks associated with mergers and acquisitions
  • The unique challenges in protecting elections and major events

Explore The Defender’s Advantage Cyber Snapshot


The Defender’s Advantage Cyber Snapshot


Event Cyber Security: Defending against Cyber Threats with Whole World Watching


Big Picture Viewpoint Helps Uncover Operational Technology Threats


Common Entry Points Exposed on the Internet

eBook: The Defender’s Advantage

As prominent attacks continue to dominate the headlines, security teams are under pressure to detect and respond to malicious activity faster than ever before. Our book “The Defender’s Advantage” harnesses Mandiant’s expertise, detailing the steps security organizations should take to activate and mature their Cyber Defenses against the latest threats.

The Defender’s Advantage Podcast

The Defender’s Advantage Podcast explores the world of cyber security and Mandiant through two distinct tracks. Threat Trends: Listen twice a month as host Luke McNamara interviews guests on the latest in cyber security research, the cyber landscape, and the latest news from Mandiant. Frontline Stories: Listen to Kerry Matre monthly as she is joined by notable guests on the frontlines of cyber security, including Mandiant customers, security professionals, and executives.