Global Perspectives on Threat Intelligence Report

In a new report, Mandiant analyzed survey findings from 1,350 global business and IT leaders on how they are managing a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Learn how cyber security decision-makers are navigating the global threat landscape in areas such as:

  • Value and application of threat intelligence
  • Communication of critical information across the organization
  • Decision-making in the midst of an attack
Global Threat Perspectives
Security teams value threat intelligence but struggle to apply it effectively.
96% of respondents are satisfied with the quality of their threat intelligence.
47% of respondents cited applying threat intelligence as their greatest challenge.
67% of respondents believe senior leadership underestimates the cyber threats to their organization.
Security teams do not spend enough time identifying and acting on threats.

Agree their organization could focus more time and energy on critical cyber security trends.

Are concerned their organization might miss threats/incidents due to alert and data fatigue.

Many organizations have visibility gaps when making important security decisions.
96% of security decision makers believe it is important to understand cyber threat actors targeting their organization.
79% of respondents say they make decisions without adversary insights.
35% of respondents say their organization has a comprehensive understanding of threat groups and TTPs.