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A Global Reset: Cyber Security Predictions 2021

Download your free copy of  A Global Reset: Cyber Security Predictions 2021, to learn what you can expect regarding:

  • How remote work will evolve and affect organizations operationally
  • Insights into how threat actors will take advantage of the pandemic
  • The growing need for intelligence-led security validation
  • The future state of cloud security
  • Nation-state activity and changing TTPs
  • How ransomware has pivoted from business risk to a national security risk
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Sandra Joyce, EVP of Mandiant Intelligence, shares her thoughts on evolving ransomware tactics and nation-state activity following an election year in the United States.

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Dave Baumgartner, CIO, leads an around-the-horn discussion on 2021 with Martin Holste, CTO for Cloud, John Hultquist, Senior Director of Intelligence Analysis, and Maj. Gen. Earl Matthews, VP of Strategy.

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Maj. Gen. Earl Matthews, VP of Strategy, discusses the pandemic and remote work, priorities for spending, and how validation will improve security effectiveness.

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Security Predictions 2020

Download your complimentary copy of “The Road Ahead: Cyber Security in 2020,” to learn where cyber security is headed.

security predictions 2019

Security Predictions 2019

For this year’s security predictions report we tapped into FireEye’s deep well of leadership and expertise to pull together a wide range of thoughts about what’s to come in 2019 and beyond.