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Mandiant has been at the forefront of cyber security and cyber threat intelligence since 2004. We have a deep understanding of threat actors and their rapidly changing tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) by leveraging our combined adversary, machine and victim intelligence sources.

Learn how your organization can increase resilience against multifaceted extortion.

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Attacker’s Top Choice for Extortion

Ransomware and multifaceted extortion are among the most active and profound threats facing organizations of all industries and sizes today. The impact of a successful ransomware deployment includes technical and non-technical challenges that can cripple business operations. Modern attackers have developed advanced techniques that now require a holistic risk mitigation strategy, from the board to practitioners.


Fortune 100 served by Mandiant

Industry Leader

Mandiant is the most frequently publicly named incident response provider.

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How we fit into the picture

Mandiant offers ransomware solutions that bolster both your preparedness and defense to protect against this proliferating attack vector. With our incident response, threat intelligence, proactive assessments and managed detection and response expertise, we can help your organization outmaneuver ransomware attackers and stop them in their tracks.

Practical Guidance for Endpoint Protection, Hardening, and Containment

In our latest report, we discuss steps organizations can proactively take to harden their environment to prevent the downstream impact of a ransomware event

M-Trends 2021

M-Trends is an annual publication from FireEye and Mandiant with timely data and insights based on frontline investigations of high-impact cyber attacks and remediations. Learn more about the latest ransomware trends and remediation techniques and more.

How Mandiant Can Help

Defend against multifaceted extortion and prepare your team to effectively and rapidly respond to an attack.

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Incident Response

Respond to an Active Ransomware Attack Activate the best-in-business response experts to complete in-depth attack analysis, perform crisis management over complete attack lifecycle, and recover business operations after a breach.

  • Uncover indicators of compromise (IOCs) to identify attacker activity
  • Develop and execute crisis management plan
  • Determine scope of incident with real-time activity monitoring
  • Establish timeline of activity and initial attack vector
  • Complete damage assessment, custom containment and remediation strategy
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Managed Defense

Amplify your Defense Against Ransomware Attacks

Minimize your risk from strategic ransomware threats with Mandiant managed detection and response. Managed Defense detects and mitigates the ransomware component used in advanced attacks before it is deployed every day.

See the alerts that matter.
Enlist an expert to monitor technology alerts across your environment and identify, investigate and prioritize. In return you get a narrow set of priorities, enriched with context.

Expose hidden attackers.
Detect hidden breaches and potential cyber attacks with proactive threat hunting mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Quickly disrupt and respond.
Managed Defense experts support your response to attacks with the collective knowledge and experience of Mandiant incident responders and security analysts.

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Mandiant Threat Intelligence

Mandiant Threat Intelligence, provides organizations of all sizes visibility into the latest threats directly from the frontlines.

Informed decision making
Improve defenses by understanding the identity, targets, timing, motivation and methods of threat actors worldwide.

Optimize risk reduction
Prioritize vulnerabilities and exposures by focusing on the highest risk first.

Improve detection and response
Access threat actor & malware indicators, tactics and behaviors to reduce alert fatigue and quickly surface malicious attacks.

Prepare Your Defenses for a Ransomware Attack

Mandiant Consulting

Ransomware Defense Assessment

Evaluate your ability to prevent, detect, contain and remediate a ransomware attack by assessing the impact an attack could have on your internal network.

Mandiant Consulting

ThreatSpace Cyber Range

Practice responding to real-world ransomware attacks without the harmful consequences

Mandiant Consulting

Offensive Security for Operational Technology

Evaluate the effectiveness of your existing OT security controls against real-world cyber attacks with a variety of advanced security tests tailored to the unique requirements of your operational environment.

Mandiant Consulting

Mandiant Executive Intelligence Briefings

Provides unmatched insights on threat actors, vulnerabilities and other critical topics to give security teams and executives a big-picture view of attacks to prioritize and focus on.

Mandiant Consulting

Incident Response Retainer

Have Mandiant incident response experts on speed dial with a pre-established agreement that enables faster and more effective response to a ransomware attack.

Mandiant Advantage

Ransomware Defense Validation

Validate the effectiveness of your security controls to detect, prevent, and alert on ransomware attacks.

Mandiant Consulting

Active Directory Security Assessment

Mitigate risks of misconfigurations, process weaknesses and exploitation methods in the technology most abused by attackers in successful ransomware campaigns.


Steve Ledzian

VP, CTO - APAC, Mandiant
“With Multifaceted Extortion, a successful network intrusion precedes the manual ransomware deployment. Detecting prevention failures and intrusions is what managed detection and responses services are all about, and Mandiant’s Managed Defense has been evolving this capability for over a decade. Organizations know they need to shift left and catch the attack in its earliest stages, it’s less about catching the malware, and more about catching the intrusion that precedes the malware.”