Introducing the 2022 Mandiant Academy Quarterly Grant Program

Kerry Matre
Apr 06, 2022
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|   Last updated: Apr 11, 2024
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So many nonprofits out there are helping to close the cyber security skills gap by providing education opportunities to their members. To assist with these efforts, Mandiant has created a grant program to award up to 960 hours of free on-demand intelligence training to a selected nonprofit organization each quarter. These organizations will get to award free training courses to some of their members to increase their intelligence and other skills as they embark on their cyber security careers.

The on-demand intelligence training will provide nonprofit members with an understanding of cyber intelligence fundamentals, taking attendees on a deep dive into how to turn intelligence into action. The training also empowers attendees to build their skills and understanding of how to use intelligence across various job roles and skill levels.

The grant window is now open, and the grant application can be found on our Mandiant Gives Back page. The first grant for this program is scheduled to be awarded in June 2022.

Training for Dozens of VetSec Members

We have always been dedicated to giving back, and the 2022 Mandiant Academy Quarterly Grant Program formalizes our commitment. In October 2021, Mandiant provided a Mandiant Academy grant to VetSec, Inc., which awarded the on-demand intelligence training to 33 of their members. The VetSec mission is to support military veterans working in cyber security, or who want to pursue a career in the industry.

We received fantastic feedback on the training. VetSec attendees told us it helped them understand how intelligence plays a larger role in being more proactive with our defenses, and how to create a roadmap for implementing threat intelligence. Other VetSec, Inc. members praised the particular sections on analytical thinking, explaining they have been able to apply those skills in work and their personal lives.

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The Mandiant Academy Quarterly Grant Program is part of Mandiant Gives Back, which seeks to provide funds, awareness and training to support the global community.

Learn more about the on-demand intelligence courses included in the grant program.