Better Together: Introducing the Mandiant Cyber Alliance Program

Marshall Heilman
Jun 07, 2022
3 min read
|   Last updated: Oct 27, 2022

The Mandiant mission is to help make every organization more secure from threats and confident in their cyber readiness. We believe this outcome results from the right combination of expertise, intelligence, and adaptive technology. This is embodied in our approach to empowering customers and strategic partners with our cutting-edge XDR technologies across integrated products and services.

In today’s constantly evolving threat landscape, we know a single company can only excel at so much. Partnering with like-minded security organizations helps fill product portfolio gaps, deliver more comprehensive solutions to customers, and improves our customers’ security posture—ultimately solving a broad range of requirements, seamlessly and efficiently. As an added benefit, we’re increasing the cost to threat actors through more effective security solutions.

Mandiant has been building a strong partner integration ecosystem for years and we’ve re-envisioned our partner program from the ground up with a vendor-independent, mission-focused, and customer-first mindset. With the launch of the Mandiant Cyber Alliance Program, Mandiant puts this vision into action, partnering with other industry leading technologies to fuse top-tier threat intelligence, validation, incident response, breach intelligence and managed services through product platforms.

Forget the “bring your own API key approach,” and garner a new, unique, and customizable way to integrate products, applications, and services. Mandiant is on the ready to enable and leverage our world-class Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, and managed detection and response services as an extension of our comprehensive partnership ecosystem.

Help us, help you, help customers—everyone stands to win when we work together. As part of the Mandiant Cyber Alliance Program ecosystem, partners benefit from:

  • Mandiant’s global brand and reputation, as well as access to key executive staff​ and influencers, supporting a combined mission focus, and the ultimate “better together” solution.
  • Access to Mandiant Threat Intelligence across all threat actors––including ransomware for telemetry––as well as​ integrated and shared capabilities to Mandiant Threat Intelligence data feeds.
  • A clear and streamlined path for Mandiant IR teams to engage with customers impacted by a breach​.
  • Access to Mandiant’s world-class automated and manual malware analysis capabilities with research, labs, and DFIR extension that only Mandiant expertise can bring and support partners and customers alike.
  • Integration with the Mandiant Advantage platform and all of its capabilities.
  • A seamless process for working with Mandiant on support and alignment for technical success.
  • Participation at Mandiant hosted events such as our annual mWISE events and Mandiant Cyber Alliance Partner Advisor Board and Partner Advisory Council.
  • Joining forces at key industry events.
  • Personalized, on-going partnership and relationship management with dedicated support and access to industry respected thought leaders.

Join existing partners such as CrowdStrike, Microsoft, SentinelOne, Trellix, and many others as we usher in a new partner-driven approach to effective cyber security.

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