FedRAMP Ready: Mandiant’s Latest Designation Supports Public Sector Customers

Ryan Black
Mar 09, 2022
3 min read
|   Last updated: Apr 04, 2023
Automated Defense

In yet another major milestone in its mission to make every organization secure from cyber threats, Mandiant recently announced that it achieved FedRAMP Ready designation for its first evaluated solution, Mandiant Advantage Automated Defense. Achieving readiness at the High impact level, Automated Defense is now available in the FedRAMP Marketplace as a Cloud Service Offering (CSO), allowing federal agencies to take advantage of its accelerated threat detection, prioritization and response capabilities.

What is FedRAMP?

FedRAMP is a government-wide program that promotes the adoption of secure cloud services across the federal government by providing a standardized approach to security and risk assessment for cloud technologies and federal agencies.

Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs) are categorized into one of three impact levels, with High reserved to secure the government’s most sensitive, unclassified data in cloud computing environments, including data that involves the protection of life and financial ruin.

In the May 2021 Executive Order 14028 “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity,” the Biden Administration reiterated the importance of FedRAMP for modernizing federal government cyber security. FedRAMP provides a standardized, cost-effective, risk-based approach for the assessment, adoption, monitoring, and use of trusted cloud services by the U.S. federal government. 

Why Mandiant Advantage Automated Defense?

One major factor hampering current cyber security efforts is that agency frontline security analysts are bombarded with thousands of security alerts, and it can be difficult to determine which are the serious threats. The proliferation of software-enabled systems and attack surfaces produces a flood of information without context.

Powered by the combined expertise of a team of industry veterans, data science and machine learning, Mandiant Advantage Automated Defense intelligently triages, investigates and prioritizes security alerts from an organization’s diverse security stack, separating actual threats from the noise. In January 2022 alone, Automated Defense reduced more than 140 billion customer events down to less than 3,000 prioritized investigations.

The Mandiant Advantage Automated Defense family of modules easily integrates into any security infrastructure, empowering security teams to make such prioritizations faster and at scale. Adding Mandiant Advantage Automated Defense can immediately improve existing security services and platforms an agency may already have in place.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems require rules to be written and constantly updated to be effective. Security Orchestration, Automation and Remediation (SOAR) platforms are unable to keep up with the high volumes of threat data coming in constantly and require significant development efforts to create and maintain. Both can be readily improved by adding the Mandiant Advantage Automated Defense family of modules, automating response and detection capabilities with the power of AI and ML.

In obtaining FedRAMP Ready designation at the High impact level, Mandiant Advantage Automated Defense ensures that the most innovative cyber security technology is made available to agency leadership. This technology will help agencies meet the goals of EO 14028 and other cyber security mandates.