Curating Threat Intelligence with Custom Dashboards

Megan DeBlois
Oct 03, 2022
3 min read
|   Last updated: Aug 10, 2023

The longer a threat actor is active in your environment before being detected, the more potential damage can be done. To help security teams cut through the noise and quickly understand who is targeting their organization, Mandiant is now offering custom dashboards available within the Mandiant Advantage platform. A new way to curate and customize all the information Mandiant has to offer at your fingertips, custom dashboards minimize the time it takes to identify issues or view status so security teams can take action fast.

Custom dashboards provide Mandiant Advantage subscribers with a library of both Threat Intelligence and Attack Surface Management (ASM) widgets. Customers can leverage relevant threat intelligence and quickly relate it to their external security posture from the attacker’s perspective in a single view.

How to leverage Custom Dashboards for my CTI team?

The cornerstone of any Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) program is understanding the adversaries most likely to target your specific organization. Leverage the frontline intelligence and expertise Mandiant delivers and surface it more quickly to:

  • Know your adversary. Identify threat actors and associated techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs), malware, or exploited CVEs relevant to your organization.
  • Operationalize threat intelligence. Quickly pivot into the Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence module to investigate further and gather more information from reports written by Mandiant analysts.
  • Keep things actionable. Share key information with your security organization or stakeholders outside the security apparatus to meet your team’s security objectives.

To further strengthen your CTI program and practitioners’ knowledge, check out The Mandiant Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Analyst Core Competencies Framework.

How to Combine Threat Intelligence with Attack Surface Management?

The intelligence and expertise Mandiant brings to the product are unmatched in the industry. Leverage this edge by combining it with Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management (ASM). Attack Surface Management discovers all your Internet-facing assets from hosts to domains to cloud storage and compute instances. After asset discovery and analysis, ASM enriches the inventory with Mandiant Threat Intelligence, identifying when an asset is associated with potentially malicious activity and performing active and passive checks to validate when an asset is vulnerable to exploitation seen in the wild. 

The assets discovered by ASM are all publicly facing and accessible to attackers that perform reconnaissance on your organization.

With custom dashboards, you can gather information from both ASM and Threat Intelligence in one view while easily pivoting into your attack surface data for further investigation and remediation. Easily understand your attack surface composition and risk in a centralized view, alongside relevant threat intelligence that helps your team prioritize and narrow your focus.

ma dash 1

For those new to Mandiant Advantage, register for a free subscription to Threat Intelligence and Attack Surface Management.

Getting Started with Custom Dashboards

Mandiant Advantage subscribers can create custom dashboards by selecting “Dashboards” in the App Switcher and easily get started in three easy steps.

  1. Add and name your new dashboard
    ma dash 2
  2. Select your widgets (availability depends on Mandiant Advantage subscription)
    ma dash 3
  3. Choose the filters for your dashboard (i.e, by country, industry, etc.)
    ma dash 4
  4. Your custom dashboard is ready to view
    ma dash 5


Custom dashboards provide key insights for actionable security outcomes, helping your security team be more efficient and gain more visibility over what they need to protect and who they are protecting it from.

For more information about the Mandiant Advantage platform or to schedule a demo, please contact our Sales Team.

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