The Defender’s Advantage: A Guide to Activating Cyber Defense

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Activate Your Cyber Defenses Against the Most Sophisticated Adversaries 

Prominent attacks dominate the headlines and have security leaders scrambling for solutions, legislators imposing new cyber security requirements, and businesses demanding answers from their security groups. Ransomware and multifaceted extortion are just some of the threats organizations must defend against. Insider threats and the consolidation of risk in the cloud are also top of mind for security leaders.

The Defender's Advantage is the concept that organizations are defending against attacks in their own environment. This provides a fundamental advantage arising from the  fact that they have control over the landscape where they will meet their adversaries. Organizations struggle to capitalize on this advantage.

In the Defender’s Advantage Ebook, Mandiant delivers comprehensive, step by step advice on how to advance an organization’s security capabilities to build a robust, comprehensive security program, enabling them to take command of their own environment and turn the tide on their attackers.