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Fostering CTI Development With Mandiant Intelligence Services

Luke McNamara
Jul 15, 2021
1 min read


In this episode of Eye on Security, I am joined by Jeff Compton, Senior Manager for the Mandiant Intelligence Capability Development team. We dive right in by discussing how Jeff’s team helps customers build threat intelligence programs. One point Jeff focused on was the importance of having a threat intelligence function that supports not just the SOC, but a broader group of stakeholders across the organization as well.

Developing a risk profile that is specific to a customer is a big focus of Jeff’s team, but the threat landscape is constantly evolving. Jeff shares stories about how the needs of customers in this space continue to evolve, and how the regulatory landscape is driving change in particular regions and industries.

We close out with discussing how the market is shifting, and some of the opportunities Jeff is excited about for Mandiant to help mid-market customers build up this important function.

Listen to the podcast now, and then head over to our site for more information on Mandiant Threat Intelligence.