Behind the Syrian Conflict's Digital Front Lines

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Physical conflicts increasingly have a cyber element to them. This report highlights how Syrian opposition forces fell victim to a well-executed hacking operation targeting secret communications and plans.

FireEye researchers uncovered these stolen documents as part of our ongoing threat research. Between at least November 2013 and January 2014, the hackers stole a cache of critical documents and Skype conversations revealing the Syrian opposition’s strategy, tactical battle plans, supply needs, and troves of personal information and chat sessions belonging to the men fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces. While we do not know who conducted this hacking operation, if this data was acquired by Assad’s forces or their allies it could confer a distinct battlefield advantage.

Download the report to access key findings such as:

  • Tactics and techniques: read how the threat actors targeted and infected their victims
  • Malware: understand the diverse malware toolset the threat group used
  • Potential sponsorship: explore the research that reveals the possible group that sponsored the threat group
  • Data theft: find out what documents and chat conversations revealed
  • Victims: discover who was targeted and where they were located

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