M-Trends 2022: Insights into Today’s Top Cyber Trends and Attacks​​

Apr 19, 2022

M-Trends is an annual publication from Mandiant that provides an inside look at the evolving cyber threat landscape directly from global incident response investigations and threat intelligence analysis of high-impact attacks and remediations.​

This year’s report reveals that while significant progress has been made in threat detection and response--with global median dwell time on the decline--Mandiant continues to see new threat groups and malware families emerge, and adversaries innovate and adapt to achieve their missions. ​

Download your copy of the report today for a look into:​

  • Latest frontline incident response metrics​​
  • Newly graduated threat groups​​
  • Ransomware readiness insights​​
  • Rising network vulnerabilities​​
  • Actionable security best practices​​
  • And much more…​

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