Simplifying Security Operations with ONE Platform

Jun 19, 2019
52 Min

Title: Simplifying Security Operations with ONE Platform

Presenters: Ben Forster, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, FireEye

Date: On-Demand


Managing security operations is a challenge, and the technologies most organizations are using don’t provide the visibility, detection efficacy, or context they need. As their risk profile expands, organizations rely on hiring more analysts and purchasing more tools, often depending on manual processes to find and mitigate threats. The high volume of alert noise strains security teams’ resources and increases the probability they will miss an alert that matters. Organizations need a single solution that centralizes their security management, provides visibility, and allows them to quickly respond to threats with automation.

In this webinar:

  • Understand the benefits of technology consolidation
  • Learn about what a single platform can do for your people and processes
  • Discover the untapped potential of your security investments

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