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Mandiant Threat Intelligence

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The New Standard in Cyber Threat Intelligence

Mandiant Threat Intelligence is a comprehensive and powerful SaaS platform that provides organizations of all sizes with up-to-the-minute, relevant cyber threat intelligence so you can focus on and address the threats that matter now.

Unparalleled Frontline Experience

For over 15 years, Mandiant experts have helped organizations remediate cyber breaches and close cyber security gaps to reduce overall risk. With Mandiant Threat Intelligence, you will have access to Mandiant's deep understanding of global attacker behavior, informed by thousands of hours per year spent responding to breaches and managing incident response engagements.

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Chris Kissel

Research Director, Worldwide Security & Trust Products at IDC
Mandiant Threat Intelligence combines expertise-backed products with Mandiant services, giving customers a vendor-agnostic view of the effectiveness of outcomes. This pairing makes Mandiant truly differentiated.

The Four Sources of Intelligence

Why Mandiant Threat Intelligence customers know more about their adversaries than anyone else.

Breach Intelligence

Over the last 15+ years, we have gained a reputation as the industry’s premier incident responder, attending 800+ incident response engagements annually. Only Mandiant has an unrivaled vantage point into the most recent cyber attacks, what attackers do once inside and how customer security controls fail.

Machine Intelligence

We obtain intelligence from approximately four million virtual guest images deployed globally in 102 countries, generating tens of millions of sandbox detonations and confirming 50,000 - 70,000 malicious events per hour. 

Operational Intelligence

Our Managed Defense team performs detection and response services for over 300 customers from four international Cyber Threat Operations Centers, ingesting 99 million+ events and validating 21 million+ alerts. This continuous monitoring provides a unique perspective, enabling us to identify emerging global threat campaigns within specific customers or industry verticals.

Adversary Intelligence

Mandiant Threat Intelligence deploys 300+ intelligence analysts and researchers located in 23 countries. We collect up to 1 million malware samples per day from more than 70 different sources. Our intelligence analysts are deeply entrenched where cyber attackers plan, design and execute their attacks, giving our customers early visibility into hacker motives and cyber security trends.


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Sandra Joyce

EVP and Head of Global Intelligence, Mandiant
For years, Mandiant Threat Intelligence has led the industry with the highest quality reporting that comprehensively details the threat environment, enabling organizations to prioritize threats and manage cyber security risk. We are now making emerging intelligence accessible to all defenders as it is discovered, regardless of the technology they have deployed.

Know the Threats that Matter Right Now

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FIN11 Discovery Timeline

Mandiant Threat Intelligence recently promoted a threat cluster to a named FIN (or financially motivated) threat group for the first time since 2017. We have detailed FIN11's various tactics, techniques and procedures in a report that is available now by signing up for Mandiant  Threat Intelligence Freemium.