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Protect your organization against insider threats

Mandiant provides protection against insider threats for all stages of the attack lifecycle. Our purpose-built services assess your existing insider threat program and build effective security program capabilities to stop these threats in their tracks.

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Insider Threats Are Among Us

The thought of one of our colleagues consciously undertaking malicious acts to harm or profit from the company we work for is alarming, but the number of incidents in which malicious insiders destroyed critical business systems, leaked confidential data, stalked employees and extorted employers is increasing every year.

34%1 of all breaches in 2018 were caused by insiders, yet less than 20%2 of U.S. organizations possess effective security programs to combat it.

Protecting your organization against insider threats requires more than a data loss prevention solution. It is critical to assess your existing environment and implement effective, continuous security program capabilities to mature your security posture.

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2Gartner (Jan 2020). How to Build Incident Response Scenarios for Insider Threats

Key Benefits of Insider Threat Security Services

Mandiant offers two services that will help you:

  • Reduce operational risk and minimize impact of insider threat incidents and data theft.
  • Improve insider threat security program based on actual findings and leadership consensus.
  • Prioritize insider threat security program budget and resources.
  • Identify gaps in your technology stack’s ability to properly detect and prevent insider threats.
  • Increase organizational return on investment.

Get advanced, continuous expertise and insider threat protection with Mandiant Advantage™.

Our Methodology

We do this in two ways. The Mandiant Insider Threat Program Assessment is a point-in-time evaluation of existing insider threats in your specific environment, while Mandiant’s Insider Threat Security as a Service provides an operational security program to ensure effective and continuous insider threat prevention, detection and response.

These services are offered separately but can be combined based on customer needs and scope.

Comparison of Services

  Insider Threat Program Assessment Insider Threat Security as a Service
What An assessment that identifies weaknesses and vulnerabilities of existing insider threat safeguards, improves insider threat program capabilities, reduces insider threat risks and mitigates the overall impact of insider threat incidents. A subscription-based service that provides your organization with continuous, full-spectrum insider threat visibility and effective insider threat prevention to support an ongoing operational security program.
Who Security-conscious organizations who have the need to enhance or develop their insider threat program. Organizations with a growing remote workforce and/or sensitive data with potential to be stolen and used against your organization.
How Dedicated workshops to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in your existing environment against three core domains: people, processes and tools – delivered by frontline Mandiant incident responders. Perform ongoing insider threat monitoring including Dark Web monitoring based on keywords to support insider threat investigations, possible data leaks, and other Dark Web chatter related to potential future business efforts.
Outputs Tailored recommendations and actionable roadmap to support the development and improvement of your organization’s immediate and future insider threat program needs. Executive briefings and insider threat profiles based on our findings of program strengths and weaknesses coupled with insider threat intelligence specific to insider threats identified in your environment.
Market Differentiator Three-tiered model offering to service new and existing insider threat programs. Advanced service tier includes the power of third-party partnership features. Mandiant Advantage™ Threat Intelligence.
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Comparison of Services

Protective Technologies with Trusted Partners

For more seamless deployment and optimized outputs of the Mandiant Insider Threat Program Assessment, we have partnered with innerActiv and Strider Technologies. Together, we achieve full visibility of your environment using proprietary technologies and tradecraft to determine if insider threats - ranging from advanced state-sponsored espionage to unintentional insiders - are present.

innerActiv is an insider threat-focused endpoint detection for insider threat (EDR-InT) and response solution that complements traditional endpoint security products to detect state-sponsored espionage and advanced corporate insider threats.

Strider aims at protecting companies, universities, research institutions, and government agencies from state-sponsored intellectual property theft and talent solicitation risks. Strider's zero-touch architecture and technical integration provides actionable insights to identify high-risk, state-sponsored activities that illuminate potential in-network intellectual property theft, compliance, and talent solicitation risks.

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