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Digital Risk Protection

Focus on what's most important to mitigate digital risk


Uplevel Your Security Team with a Digital Risk Protection Solution

Learn what a digital risk protection solution is and how it can help you be better prepared by understanding who is targeting you, what they’re after, and how they plan to compromise you.

Stay relentless to protect your digital assets, supply chain and brand.

Mandiant delivers a broad digital risk protection solution either via stand-alone self-managed SaaS products or a comprehensive service. Both options give security professionals visibility outside their organization, the ability to identify high-risk attack vectors, malicious orchestration from the deep and dark web, and attack campaigns on the open web.  Mandiant’s digital risk protection solution also provides contextual information on threat actors and their tactics, techniques and procedures to provide a more secure cyber threat profile.


Of identified initial infection vectors for attacks are supply chain compromise--the second most common—this highlights the need to continuously monitor partner security.


At any time Mandiant is tracking over 2,800 threat actors and threat actor groups.


See into the dark corners of the web and discover how internet-facing assets are potentially vulnerable.

Digital Risk Protection


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Visibility into external exposure and targeting

Gain visibility into risk factors impacting the extended enterprise and supply chain by mapping your attack surface and monitoring deep and dark web activity.  

Use knowledge from Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence to know where to look across the web for malicious chatter and targeting.

Identify unknown or unmanaged vulnerable internet-facing assets before threat actors do.

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Threat analysis and risk identification

Know who is targeting you, what they are targeting, and how they are planning to compromise you.

Whether you prefer a self-managed solution or want to hand It over to our team to provide you with answers, Mandiant's digital risk protection solution will help you understand the threat and how to prepare.

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Cyber threat intelligence driven prioritization 

Leverage nation-state grade threat intelligence to prioritize investments and eliminate guesswork.

Mandiant is a leader in the Forrester Wave: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q1 2021. You can be confident in Mandiant data, information and intelligence.

By understanding threat actor methods and tools you can prioritize your defensive adjustments.

Validate your defensive adjustments

Mandiant digital risk protection products and services let you get ahead of attacks and make data-driven and proactive improvements to your security effectiveness. Mandiant Advantage Security Validation can continuously test the efficacy of your security controls and your ability to block, detect and alert on anticipated threats. This is how you can close the loop on your digital risk protection strategy with confidence.

Explore the Mandiant Digital Risk Protection Solution

Threat Intelligence

Understand the threats Mandiant sees targeting you and your peers

Digital Threat Monitoring

Visibility into the open, deep and dark web to anticipate threats

Attack Surface Management

See your organization through the eyes of the attacker


Strengthen Your Cyber Risk Profile with Mandiant

Learn how a digital risk protection solution gives you visibility into your global attack surface and dark web activity and builds a complete cyber threat profile.

Cyber Threat Profile


Make security decisions based on the threats that matter most


Managed Digital Threat Monitoring

Leverage Mandiant’s expertise to help you detect, and respond to external threats across the internet including the deep, dark web

Cyber Risk Management


Assess and define your cyber risk exposure


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