Public sector organizations face unique challenges when it comes to building and advancing their cyber security.

The path to a better government security posture is to build or advance cyber security capacity, fortify their cyber mission and operations and fully understand and measure their security.

Build Cyber Capacity

To elevate security operations, governments must develop their security controls and validate security programs. They can succeed through hands on support, ongoing training and an intelligence-based government cyber security program.

Fortify Cyber Missions and Operations

Skills shortages continue to challenge governments. Threat intelligence that offers an early knowledge advantage, along with outside experts can help close gaps.

Know the Measure of your Security

To protect high-value assets, governments must strengthen their environments by understanding their attack surface, and continuously monitor and validate their controls against real attacks.

Election Cyber Security: Securing elections against cyber threats

Elections provide the prime opportunity for Nation States, cyber criminals and bad actors to launch attacks to create chaos and harm against federal, state and local government organizations. Learn how you can improve your cyber defenses against election security threats with an ongoing and holistic program that helps government organizations be better informed, protected and able to respond to the latest cyber threats.

How Mandiant Helps Address This Challenge

Mandiant experts understand global public sector mission requirements. Our expertise, combined with the Mandiant Advantage platform, helps protect nations and citizens with speed, scale, and efficiency. And our early knowledge advantage enables effective proactive cyber defenses across national, state, local and educational environments.

US Government

U.S. Federal Government

Protecting National Security

At Mandiant, we help the U.S. Government shape the national cyber security program.

We integrate mission and operational support with early knowledge expertise and intelligence through the Mandiant Advantage Platform so organizations can prioritize effort, increase capacity to detect and respond faster to attacks, understand their attack surface, and continuously measure the effectiveness of their cyber security controls.

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State and Local Government

Secure civil infrastructure networks and citizens’ data

Potential cyber attacks to state and local critical infrastructure would disrupt the lives of millions of people, affecting lifeline services such as power, water, healthcare services, and supply chains. Mandiant is a trusted partner to local and state governments to protect their civil infrastructure.

Mandiant Attack Surface Management, Mandiant Advantage Ransomware Defense Validation and Mandiant Managed Defense can help accelerate response to threats and limit attack impact of attacks. Mandiant Consulting Services allow state and local governments to put defenses and defenders to the test with preparedness offerings and provide fast, in-depth incident response services.

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Safeguard you institution, data and students with Mandiant

With a broad customer base of higher-education institutions and K-12 school districts, Mandiant has a proven understanding of the challenges they are facing.

Through the Mandiant Advantage platform, educational institutions can access Mandiant Attack Surface Management, Managed Defense and Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence along with Mandiant expertise to defend the personally identifiable information and intellectual property of students, faculty and staff.

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Zero Trust

Moving Toward Improved Government Cyber Security

Zero trust is a least privilege concept built on the principle of “never trust, always verify.” It is critical to supporting widely distributed and remotely connected workforces.

Zero trust provides the underlying fabric for a strategy to develop a stronger security posture. By adding layers of continuous security validation, detection and response and automation, comprehensive visibility of the extended organization and threat intelligence, public sector organizations can ensure a modern approach that efficiently and effectively addresses the cyber attack landscape.