OT and ICS Security Challenges

To prevent operational disruption from cyber threats, organizations need to extend their cyber defense from IT to OT and ICS security.  Protecting critical infrastructure requires understanding of relevant cyber threats, rigorous security testing and threat detection and response across the entire enterprise.   All organizations across industries and verticals face similar risk with the convergence of IT and OT environments.

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Secure the growing set of interconnected IT and OT and ICS systems and help ensure protection of intellectual property across manufacturing plants and supply chains globally.


Help ensure systems availability at all phases of production and distribution, identify critical threats upstream, midstream and downstream to protect operations and the connected supply chain and maintain consistent security across global span of production and distribution.


Reduce risks introduced by IT-OT convergence and digital transformation, while also limiting the effects of environmental drift, maintain compliance and ensure controls are effective, plus better understand risk posture to maintain operational efficiency and safety.

How Mandiant Helps Address This Challenge:

Mandiant delivers a specialized set of services and SaaS offerings to mitigate the risks to operational technology with the convergence of IT and OT environments.   We help you protect those systems through our threat intelligence teams, Managed Defense experts, consultants and training.

We identify both strategic steps and tactical actions to mitigate security risks and improve security defenses across different layers of cyber physical systems.


Leverage Threat Intelligence

Mandiant Threat Intelligence gives security practitioners unparalleled visibility and expertise into threats that matter to their business right now. Our threat intelligence is compiled by over 300 security and intelligence individuals across 22 countries, researching actors via undercover adversarial pursuits, incident forensics, malicious infrastructure reconstructions and actor identification processes that comprise the deep knowledge embedded in the Mandiant Intel Grid.


Detect and Respond to Threats

Technology alone does not fully protect against a determined attacker or accidental misuse. Finding IT talent with OT expertise or OT talent with managed detection and response experience to secure OT assets can be a daunting task. You need a trusted partner with services specifically tailored for OT and ICS environments to monitor your network around the clock with a pro-active, analyst-driven approach leveraging the latest threat intelligence cultivated from experience. Response experts can complete in-depth attack analysis, perform crisis management over the complete ransomware attack lifecycle, and help recover business operations after a breach.

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Test your OT/ICS environment

Mandiant services are designed for OT to help identify both tactical actions and strategic steps to mitigate security risks and improve security defenses across different levels of OT environments.

Our experts will help evaluate the effectiveness of your existing OT security controls against targeted and advanced cyber attacks, while identifying and mitigating security issues across end-to-end OT environments - before an attacker exploits them.  We can help prepare security teams to monitor, detect and respond to OT-specific cyber incidents by leveraging insights based on global attacker behavior.  With Mandiant you will receive fact-based recommendations and comprehensive guidance that empowers you to prevent and detect real-world threats to your critical infrastructure.

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Educate Your Team with Mandiant Academy

To thwart cybercrime, security professionals must arm themselves with the most up-to-date information, finely honed skills and real-world training and development by effectively using the latest cyber tools and techniques.  Mandiant Academy offers OT and ICS specific courses designed to introduce the fundamentals of security to digital forensics and incident response for ICS environments.


Identify and Defend Against Rare and Dangerous INCONTROLLER Industrial Controls Attack Tools

In conjunction with the INCONTROLLER report published April 13, 2022 our experts share the detailed findings from research conducted on INCONTROLLER. This set of attack tools that were built to target machine automation devices and allow attackers to shut down, reprogram, or disable industrial control systems. The live briefing, April 26, 2022 will cover: 

  • An overview of the INCONTROLLER attack tools, their capabilities against a variety of different ICS devices using industrial network protocols 
  • Our assessment of the threat these tools present, the targeting and TTPs to watch for from notable threat clusters 
  • Mandiant findings and recommendations, including a range of mitigations, discovery methods, and hunting tools to help organizations identify and defend against INCONTROLLER  
Presenters: Rob Caldwell, Daniel Kapellmann Zafra


"In the railroad business, serious consideration must be given to security, not only in cyberspace but also in “real” space. That is why we have been focusing on our cyber security measures from our early days."

Mr. Katsutaka Ishikawa | General Manager of Nagoya Core Systems Division at JTIS.

Operational Technology Solutions FAQ

What is the difference between IT and ICS/OT cyber security? expand_more

Information technology (IT) refers to computing technology and resources focused on data. Industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) monitor and control devices and processes of physical operational systems. Protecting critical infrastructure requires understanding the most relevant and recent threats specific to this space, rigorous security testing and threat detection and response across the entire enterprise due to the convergence of the traditional IT environments with OT.

How can ICS/OT systems be hacked? expand_more

With the convergence of IT and OT environments, ICS/OT systems are more vulnerable to attacks. INCONTROLLER is a recent example of a set of attack tools that were built to target machine automation devices.

What type of cyber security is required for ICS/OT systems? expand_more

Organizations need to take a comprehensive cyber defense approach to protect critical infrastructure. This includes activating technology, services and intelligence to create a strategic plan with tactical actions to mitigate security risks and improve security defenses across different layers of cyber physical systems.

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