Financial Services Cyber Security

Extend the view of the threat landscape for financial institutions and leverage information to maintain operational effectiveness.

Solving Cyber Security

Ongoing targeting by sophisticated attackers requires financial institutions to stay relentless and operationalize resilience.

It is not a surprise that financial institutions continue to be targeted by all types of cyber security attacks – stretching financial services security teams beyond capacity to keep up with the threat landscape. In addition to maintaining regulatory compliance financial institutions must have visibility of risks associated with partners and third parties to keep customer data protected.

How Mandiant Helps Address This Challenge:

With Mandiant, financial institutions of all sizes can protect their organization and their customers from continuous and targeted attacks. With our dedicated team of threat intelligence experts, consultants, technology and incident response professionals, Mandiant allows an organization to enhance, support or extend their security posture and operationalize their resilience to threats.

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Operationalize resilience and manage third party risk

Understanding and mitigating risk is paramount to maintaining secure business operations.
With Mandiant Threat Intelligence you gain a better understanding of the threat landscape plus the ability to operationalize that information to better manage your risks and risks associated with the supply chain/third parties.

Mandiant offers financial institutions a broad digital risk protection solution through stand alone SaaS products or through a comprehensive service. Cyber security teams gain visibility outside their organization, the ability to identify high-risk attack vectors, malicious orchestration from the deep and dark web, and attack campaigns on the open web. With contextual information on threat actors and their tactics, techniques and procedures you will have a more secure cyber threat profile.

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Access to expertise

Frontline expertise is available to financial institutions to help them transform their cyber defense capabilities to mitigate threats. With our leading Incident Response services, you can reduce business risks – before during and after an incident. Mandiant also can provide a wide range of cyber security consulting and training courses to help financial security teams to assess and validate your security program’s capabilities.

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Have confidence in your cyber security controls

Financial institutions must be able to measure and continuously validate the controls that have been put into place. Mandiant Security Validation helps to optimize an organizations security investment and help them stay prepared against the latest threats to financial institutions.

Special Event

How Cryptocurrency Actively Plays into North Korea’s Cyber Offensive October 26, 2022 11:00am EDT

Startling new attack vectors are forming as Web3 continues to take shape: North Korea is determined to use cryptocurrency-focused cyber operations to fund their nuclear program. Whether through phishing attacks, strategic employment, or outright theft, the Hermit Kingdom's survival has necessitated a level of innovation that has grabbed headlines and emptied wallets.

Join Mandiant analysts Michael Barnhart and Joe Dobson as they examine successes and failures of North Korea's new attack pattern as the North Korean regime perfects their tradecraft.