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Know the threats that matter right now.

The Leader in Threat Intelligence

Mandiant Threat Intelligence provides organizations of all sizes with threat intelligence directly from the frontlines, enriched with Mandiant expertise. This allows security decision makers to focus on threats that matter now, reduce threats from fast-changing actors, detect emerging attacks and reduce existing organizational threat risk surface. 

Delivered through an easy-to-use comprehensive SaaS management platform, Mandiant Threat Intelligence derives from:

  • More than 100,000 hours in incident response annually
  • Machine intelligence telemetry from millions of endpoints and network sensors
  • Permanent adversarial research run by more than 300 Mandiant threat analysts

Features and Benefits

Mandiant Threat Intelligence packs a powerful punch of threat context, directly accessible through an easy-to-navigate web portal, browser plugin and machine interface (API) to provide security experts the latest insights on actors, malware, vulnerabilities, indicators and finished intelligence reports.

  • First line security analysts can prioritize threat events instantly by using Mandiant IC_Score rating, its expert-based confidence scoring and to IC_Score, Mandiant’s expert-based indicator confidence score.
  • Full MITRE ATT&CK mapping for thousands of actors and malware allows threat hunters or responders to understand adversarial behavior and improve the efficiency of their day-by-day task.
  • Maximize threat risk mitigation efforts using unique Mandiant Vulnerability exploit ratings or thousands of finished vulnerability reports.

Subscription Levels

intel dashboard

Mandiant Threat Intelligence Free

Mandiant Threat Intelligence Free provides you direct access to IC_Score, Mandiant’s expert-based confidence score for millions of publicly known indicators, plus the latest public insights for vulnerabilities. View actors, malware and vulnerability trends via the Mandiant Advantage Portal or embed Mandiant’s unique threat score directly into any web page by downloading the Browser Extension. Get Mandiant’s daily expert judgments and commentary via new analysis.

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Mandiant Threat Intelligence Security Operations

Accelerate threat detection, investigation and response. Mandiant Threat Intelligence Security Operations provides you with up-to-the-minute actor, malware and vulnerability tracking to help prioritize alerts and understand the attacker and motivations behind security events. Respond effectively to ongoing attacks or start hunting imminent threats by downloading yara rules or indicators, or reviewing full behavior behind the actor and malware.

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Mandiant Threat Intelligence Fusion

Mandiant Threat Intelligence Fusion takes cyber threat intelligence to the next level. Combine all the benefits of our Security Operations, Digital Threat Monitoring and Vulnerability subscriptions, plus gain a deeper understanding of cyber threat trends via tens of thousands of uniquely crafted FINTEL reports. Created by Mandiant Expert Analysts, these reports cover a broad variety of tactical, strategic and operational findings.  Instantly receive threat activity alerts on observations of notable activities within the cyber threat environment, rated on reliability and credibility.

Mandiant Threat Intelligence Add-ons

Add-on with Mandiant Threat Intelligence Security Operations


Enable your Vulnerability Risk Analysts to assess, prioritize and communicate security weak points with Mandiant Threat Intelligence Vulnerability. Inform and enable your IT operations team to focus on the highest risks first. Get notified of 0-day vulnerabilities and understand which threat actors are likely to exploit each weakness, prompting targeted resolution to reduce risk exposure.

Digital Threat Monitoring

Protect assets beyond your perimeter with a Digital Threat Monitoring subscription. Combat risks such as leaked credentials, sensitive data, negative publicity or personally identifiable information. Alert key stakeholders and mitigation teams to limit potential damage and prevent attacks by fixing outward facing exposures.

Know the Threats That Matter Right Now