Threat Trends: A Retrospective on Zero-Days in 2022 with Project Zero and Mandiant

Mar 20, 2023
1 min read

Jared Semrau (Mandiant) and Maddie Stone (Project Zero) join host Luke McNamara for a look back at the zero-day exploit trends of 2022.

Maddie and Jared break down the differences in focus between their teams, and some of the interesting things they each observed last year. Jared covers some of the threat actors that drove last year's trends in observed zero-days, and Maddie highlights how variants of known vulnerabilities and bugs continue to shape the exploit landscape. They also discuss the challenges and trade-offs for defenders that arise from publishing technical details of exploits.

Read our blog post on 2022 zero-day trends, and for even more, check out Google's Project Zero.