Mandiant Academy™

ThreatSpace™ Cyber Range

Experiment with real-world attack scenarios to rehearse and refine incident response in a consequence-free environment.

Why ThreatSpace?

When your systems are under attack, the time for planning a response has already passed. Your teams must spring into action immediately, working swiftly and in concert. Each member must know their role - and the action to take - without hesitation.

This kind of coordination doesn't just happen. It requires hours of practice working with a range of real-world scenarios in a safe space - without the fear of failing.

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How it Works

Mandiant's ThreatSpace provides a safe space through simulated network systems, servers, and applications that let your teams effectively practice, explore and experiment. ThreatSpace scenarios help learners understand how to use threat intelligence to root out attacks and their causes. Without any fear of consequences, your team can try different responses to understand what works and what doesn't. Custom scenarios can be developed for your organization by request. 

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The Experience

During a typical three-day ThreatSpace workshop, our expert instructors will provide guidance to help your security professionals learn from their mistakes as well as their successes. And when the workshop ends, they'll assess your team's strengths and weaknesses and recommend areas of improvement so that, when a threat or attack does occur, your team is confidently prepared.

  • Hands-on experimental learning
  • Variety of real-world threat and attack scenarios
  • Expert coaching and evaluation
  • Simulated, consequence-free environments

Have any questions on getting started?

Reach out for questions, private/custom/experiential course bookings, and any other answers we can help you with.