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Reduce Unknowns

Identify unknown assets, malicious orchestration, and ongoing compromise

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Harden the Attack Surface

Prioritize patching and hardening efforts for exposures with the highest potential impact

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Defend Crown Jewels

Ensure your approach to cyber defense is built to combat targeted attacks

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Identify Risk During M&A

Identify and assess existing risk that is outside of your control

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Monitor Subsidiaries

Continuously monitor your entire portfolio for vulnerabilities and malicious adversary targeting

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Security Leader’s Guide to Exposure Management

Go beyond vulnerability patching to full exposure mitigation. Learn how to establish an exposure management program within your cyber defense organization.

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Identify exposures before an incident

Security teams need tools that can see into the digital expanse: into SaaS applications, IaaS and cloud-based environments, along with apps, systems and third-party data across the digital supply chain. A comprehensive attack surface management approach maps external assets and supply chain dependencies, while operationalizing attack intelligence to develop a proactive security program.

Exploits are the #1 initial infection vector in incident response investigations.

Source: M-Trends 2023

17%of breaches had the supply chain identified as the initial infection vector--the second most common initial infection vector—this highlights the need to continuously monitor partner security posture.

Source: M-Trends 2022

Frequently asked Questions

What are some attack surface examples? expand_more

Examples of attack surfaces include domains, IP ranges, data repositories, websites, servers, email, cloud resources, applications, microservices and employees.

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