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Reduce Unknowns

Identify unknown assets, malicious orchestration, and compromise

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Harden Cloud Environments

Assess the threat landscape and configuration efficacy for multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-prem environments to identify hardening priorities

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Inform Business Transformation

Scope the risk introduced from M&A, subsidiaries and suppliers

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Measure Control Effectiveness

Validate your security controls are working as expected and identify gaps or redundancies.

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Improve Prioritization

Account for asset criticality, adversary activity, and exploitation status against a defined cyber risk threshold

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Inform Security Policies

Act on insights from identified exposure, active threats and control gaps through enhanced security policies

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White Paper

The Security Leaders’ Guide to Exposure Management

The enterprise world is rapidly expanding its digital footprint, which is creating new attack surfaces for adversaries.

Response readiness yields cyber resiliency

Informed security decisions require an iterative approach to scoping the attack surface, gaining knowledge of attackers and their methodologies, and testing cyber defense capabilities. Mandiant Proactive Exposure Management enables organizations to gain insight on who is targeting them, how they could attack and provides them with the ability to test their capabilities to repel those attacks. The comprehensive solution includes products and services to help organizations of all sizes with their journey to improving cyber defense capabilities.

17% of breaches, supply chain was identified as the initial infection vector--the second most common initial infection vector—this highlights the need to continuously monitor partner security posture.

Source: M-Trends 2022

25.8%of initial access was gained by exploiting public-facing applications

Source: M-Trends 2022

79%of respondents from the Global Perspectives on Threat Intelligence report make decisions without accounting for adversary intelligence

Find the Right Vendor for You

To effectively mitigate cyber risk, you need a trusted advisor that can help identify your top threats, exposures and gaps in detection and response coverage. Use the Exposure Management Evaluation Checklist to identify the best vendor to fit your use cases.

Exposure management frequently asked questions

What is threat exposure management in cybersecurity? expand_more

Threat exposure management is a program consisting of tools, services, and processes that allow organizations to assess all enterprise assets, digital risks and security posture to continuously evaluate the prioritization and risk mitigation strategy.

What are indicators of exposure in cybersecurity? expand_more

Exposures are potential exploitable entry points that can be used by an adversary to gain initial compromise into an organization or supply chain ecosystem. Examples include: vulnerable software, zero-days, stolen credentials, missing multifactor authentication, domain typosquatting, etc.

Getting Started

Knowing where to begin can be a challenge. Set up time to tell us what your goals are and a Mandiant expert can help start identifying security exposures.

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