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The highly anticipated annual report is here. In this 14th edition, M-Trends provides an inside look at the evolving cyber threat landscape drawn from Mandiant incident response investigations and threat intelligence analysis of high-impact attacks and remediations around the globe across the last year.



Get informed on these topics and so much more:

  • Latest Incident Response Metrics
  • Evolving Threat Groups
  • Cyber Operations During Wartime
  • New Red Team Findings
  • Growing Network Vulnerabilities
  • Actionable Security Best Practices

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Kopcie Nicast Failey

M-Trends 2023 Webinars

Join Mandiant experts for a deeper dive into M-Trends 2023 frontline insights, along with best practice learnings you can apply directly to your security program.

  • By the Numbers of Today's Top Cyber Developments and Attacks: M-Trends 2023
    • Presented by: Kirstie Failey, Senior Threat Analyst, Mandiant, and Jake Nicastro, Principal Threat Analyst, Mandiant
  • Cyber Attacks During War and Peace: How the Threat Landscape Was Altered in 2022
    • Presented by: Andrew Kopcienski, Principal Intelligence Analyst, Mandiant

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M-Trends 2023 Infographic

View an executive “By the Numbers” overview of the key insights and standout metrics from this year’s M-Trends 2023 report.

M-Trends 2023 Executive Summary

Read the report summary to stay on top of the latest trends across today’s cyber threat landscape and realize how this activity can affect your organization’s overall security.

M-Trends 2023 Podcast

Join host Luke McNamara as he breaks down the findings from this year’s M-Trends 2023 report with Mandiant experts Kirstie Failey and Jake Nicastro.

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