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M-TRENDS 2021 Insights into Today’s Top Cyber Trends and Attacks

M-Trends is an annual publication from Mandiant with timely data and insights based on frontline investigations of high-impact cyber attacks and remediations

Download your copy of the M-Trends 2021 Report today for an intelligence-led look into:

  • Ransomware Trends and Remediation Techniques
  • SUNBURST Investigation Insights
  • Enhanced Red Teaming Tactics
  • Latest Frontline Incident Response Metrics
  • Applicable Security Lessons
  • And much more …

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FireEye Chat – Episode 9 | Front and Center on the Impact of the SUNBURST Supply Chain Attack on the Security Industry

FireEye Mandiant recently uncovered the SUNBURST incident, a wide-scale supply chain attack. Our revelations galvanized both public and private organization networks across multiple sectors and prompted the security industry to reexamine and reinforce its defensive measures. In this episode of FireEye Chat, our experts take a close look at the threat group behind the SUNBURST incident as well as its implications on the broader cyber security industry. We also consider what your organization should do to better protect itself from a breach of this magnitude.

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