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Attack Surface Management

Discover and analyze your assets while continuously monitoring them for risk

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Know What You Own, What It's Running, and What It's Exposed To

Mandiant Attack Surface Management generates the industry’s most comprehensive view of an enterprise’s attack surface. It is the only solution for Attack Surface Management that can fully map your entire environment, alert you to all potential threats, and enable you to mitigate any exposures.


Map your environment


See everything an adversary would. Discover all assets, including partner and third party entities. Examine asset composition and understand relationships among all entities.

Monitor your assets


Monitor your infrastructure in near real time to detect changes and exposure. Associate known threats to your asset inventory. Eliminate vulnerability from exploits and misconfiguration.

Mitigate your risk


Develop actionable intelligence to control your environment. Integrate across your security programs to optimize risk analysis and Incident resolution.

Recent Acquisition of Intrigue Adds Attack Surface Management to the Advantage Platform

Intrigue is being integrated into the Mandiant Advantage platform, enabling organizations to discover, monitor, and manage risk across their entire attack surface.

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