Security teams are overwhelmed by security alerts. Defend your organization by focusing on the threats that matter the most right now. By knowing who’s targeting you, you can proactively address security gaps threat actors are actively targeting.

Know how the attack will play out before the first keystroke.

Threat Intelligence can show you the most used tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used against organizations just like yours so you can proactively prepare for attacks .

200,000+ Hours

Mandiant spends over 200k hours per year responding to cyber attacks. This real-world experience informes and shapes our threat intelligence.

2,800+ Threat Actors

At any time Mandiant is tracking over 2,800 threat actors and threat actor groups.


Mandiant makes it easier to take action with threat intelligence through the Mandiant Advantage platform.


Gain Visibility into the Threats That Matter Today

Cyber Threat Intelligence Resource Center
Visit the Mandiant Cyber Threat Intelligence resource center for insights on the latest evolving threats along with practical steps to stay ahead of the threat actors targeting your organization.


Make Threat Intelligence Actionable

White Paper: Proactive Preparation and Hardening to Protect Against Destructive Attacks
Understand how to proactively put threat intelligence into practice against a range of security incidents by learning practical and scalable methods that can help protect organizations against a destructive attack in their environment.


Ian Thompson from BP Shares his Story on Solidifying Cyber Readiness

Frontline Conversation on Threat Intelligence
Threat intelligence is a vital component in proactively protecting organizations from innovative attackers and their evolving TTPs. See how BP operationalizes threat intelligence to provide its security team with the visibility it needs to better defend against threats and solidify response readiness on a global scale.

"Lots of vendors say that they have the leading threat intelligence, however, the focus is typically on inputs. Mandiant Advantage is a divergence from the traditional path. By consolidating expertise-backed products and services under Mandiant, customers get a vendor-agnostic view into the effectiveness of outcomes. This pairing makes Mandiant truly differentiated."
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Chris Kissell

Research Director at IDC

Who is Targeting You?

Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence is a SaaS-based solution providing up-to-the-minute, relevant cyber threat intelligence so you can set your defenses based on who’s likely to attack and what tools they will use.