Know Who’s Targeting You

An effective security strategy starts by understanding your unique threat landscape. This knowledge will allow you to put preventative and defensive measures in place to proactively mitigate threats

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Proactively Mitigate

Anticipate adversarial actions and take proactive steps to mitigate the threat

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Understand your Threat Landscape

Know your adversaries and their tactics, techniques and procedures

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Take Action Confidently

Focus on the threats that matter and invest in defenses that apply to them

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Identify Active Threat Campaigns

Visualize the threats that are most actively executing attacks on you and your peers

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Prioritize your Vulnerabilities

Identify the vulnerabilities that most put your organization at risk

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Operationalize in Real-Time

Automatically enrich detection and response workflows with expert-curated threat intelligence

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A Leader in Threat Intelligence

Google named a leader that "is poised to become the most relevant and dominant threat intelligence provider" in 2023 Forrester Wave.

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Know how the attack will play out before the first keystroke.

Threat Intelligence can show you the most used tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used against organizations just like yours so you can adopt a proactive security strategy

200,000+ Hours Mandiant spends over 200k hours per year responding to cyber attacks. This real-world experience informs and shapes our threat intelligence

500+ Intelligence AnalystsHave confidence knowing that over 500 threat intel analysts across 30 counties speaking 30+ languages are compiling threat intelligence by researching threat actors and their changing behaviors

300+ Threat Actors TrackedMandiant is actively tracking over 300 threat actors and groups at any one time keeping you informed of any changes to your threat landscape


What is cyber threat intelligence (CTI)? expand_more

CTI is refined insight into cyber threats. Intelligence teams use credible insight from multiple sources to create actionable context on the threat landscape, threat actors and their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). The effective use of CTI allows organizations to make the shift from reactive to becoming more proactive against threat actors.

What is proactive security? expand_more

Proactive security refers to the use of credible threat intelligence to understand the malware and TTPs threat actors use and the vulnerabilities they exploit to target specific industries and regions. Organizations use this intelligence to implement, configure and adjust security tools and train staff to thwart attacks.

Getting Started

Knowing where to begin can be a challenge. Set up time to tell us what your goals are and a Mandiant expert can help start identifying security exposures.