Unique challenges faced by security leaders

Security leaders don’t just deal with attacks. They have to tackle new security requirements imposed by legislation, heightened risks associated with cloud migration and assure their stakeholders that the business can continue even when under an active attack. The must also respond to requests from the board to explain how they’re protected against the latest attacks, including insider threats, ransomware and multifaceted extortion. A radical cyber transformation is needed to reduce risk while enabling business innovation.

Rapid Response

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Deploy security automation and microservices to identify compromise and respond faster.

Streamline Operations

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Develop effective processes and procedures based on real-world experience and best practice application

Gain Confidence

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Assess your defense controls and operations to validate effectiveness against active threats

How Mandiant Helps Address This Challenge:

Mandiant helps to accelerate cyber defense transformation through improved processes and technology alignment that uplevel threat detection, containment and remediation capabilities. Our cyber defense expertise helps you mature your organization across cyber defense development and operations, executive services and process development. Our experts also validate the effectiveness of your security program and provide hands-on support to implement critical changes and best practices for functional/staff readiness.

Accelerate your Cyber Defense Transformation

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Cyber Defense Development and Operations

Establish and mature cyber defense capabilities across all functions, including threat Intelligence, threat hunting, incident response and controls validation. Mandiant helps organizations develop and optimize security operations, bridging the gap with critical cyber defense functions.We also offer dedicated Mandiant experts to fill critical cyber defense roles to meet operational needs. This includes hands-on support to Implement priority security changes and apply best practices for proactive risk mitigation.

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Executive Services and Mentorship

Balance cyber risk with rapid business transformation. Mandiant executive-focused services help CISOs and other executive leadership achieve their risk reduction and cyber defense readiness goals. Services can Include Cyber Threat Profile development to understand business risks and potential breach impacts. Executive tabletop exercises are walk leaders through their IR plans to prepare them for the real thing. Mandiant also offers virtual CISO (vCISO) services to fill temporary gaps in leadership or provide mentorship and customized training to security and Intelligence teams.

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Risk Reduction and Process Improvement

Assess your security program for opportunities to reduce risk and streamline processes. Mandiant can conduct in-depth reviews of an entire cyber defense organization and recommend and collaborate on improvements. Areas affected could include architecture, configurations, defenses and operations. Mandiant also provides capability development services to enhance operational effectiveness. Such services include Incident response planning, metrics development and security playbooks for priority use cases and operational consistency across an organization.

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The Defender's Advantage

Take command and galvanize your defender’s advantage by establishing and properly orchestrating effective cyber defenses. This allows your organization to identify malicious activity, detect and respond to compromise and validate the effectiveness of controls and operations against active threats.

Cyber Defense Transformation FAQ

What is a security program assessment? expand_more

A security program assessment provides an independent maturity assessment of your organization’s cyber security program across four core critical areas: security governance, security architecture, cyber defense and security risk management. Most transformation efforts start here.

How can tabletop exercises help your cyber defense transformation? expand_more

Executive and Technical tabletop exercises walk though Incident response plans for various scenarios to Identify gaps in the playbooks or communication breakdowns. These activities help Inform where transformation focus Is needed.

What is cyber threat hunting? expand_more

Cyber threat hunting Is looking for Indicators of current or prior compromise based on active threat activity and known attacker tradecraft.