Quickly and confidently answer the question “Can we be breached by the latest attack?”

Security Validation taps into Mandiant frontline threat intelligence and early knowledge of the latest and emerging adversarial threats most relevant to your organization to guide targeted testing of your defenses. This is an automated and continuous testing program that gives your security team real data on how your security controls behavior under attack, so you can address changes required in your security environment before an attack occurs.

Prove Effectiveness


Safely test your security controls against the most prevalent attacks and malware families to prove your security is protecting critical assets.

Reduce Risk


Automated testing with access to relevant and active attack data from the Mandiant Intel Grid assists teams in identifying gaps, misconfigurations, and opportunities for optimization across your security environment.

Optimize & Rationalize Investments


Make data-driven decisions by capturing the quantifiable data you need to prove the value of your current security stack while determining areas for future investment.


Am I prepared for the next ransomware attack?

Daily headlines reveal how often organizations of every size and industry fall victim to today’s prevalent ransomware attacks.  To understand if your organization is prepared for a ransomware attack, learn more about Mandiant Advantage Ransomware Defense Validation. Ransomware Defense Validation is an automated and continuous SaaS-based service augmented by Mandiant experts, that quickly and safely tells you whether your security controls can prevent ransomware and identifies changes required to improve your ransomware defenses.  

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Demonstrate competency and optimize your defenses

Until now, there has been no measurable way for SOC teams or CISOs to demonstrate the value of their security investments. Security Validation provides you with visibility and performance data to report on your organization's security posture and overall competency. This approach allows you to prioritize your risk optimization strategy based on the knowledge of which threats matter most to your organization.

Compare Mandiant Security Validation to Attack Simulation

Why Attack Simulation is Not Enough

  Mandiant Security Validation Attack Simulation Solutions
Access to frontline intelligence and attacker TTPs to authentically test controls and ensure accuracy
Ability to safely test against Malware and ransomware families
Automated IT environmental drift detection and alerts
Capture of quantifiable data to prove value of investments
Visiblity and testing across all phases of the attack lifecycle
Intelligence - driven workflows to drive validation strategy
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Compare Mandiant Security Validation to Attack Simulation

What the Analysts Say

The SANS Institute’s John Hubbard looks at the research and the concept of measuring security controls effectiveness. He concludes that not all security validation options are created equal. A test is only as good as it is current and representative of the real world. This paper takes a close look at a modern security validation solution. And his analysis can help organizations cut straight to the most important components to look for when considering a security validation solution.

Measuring Cybersecurity Controls Effectiveness with Security Validation, A SANS Whitepaper,
Written by John Hubbard

Getting Started

Schedule some time with a Mandiant expert to see how intelligence-led Security Validation can improve your organization’s security effectiveness and reduce your risk exposure.

Learn More about Security Validation

See how the Security Validation module enables your security team to capture data that proves your cyber security effectiveness and helps you realize potential cost savings.

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Cybersecurity Testing and Validation FAQ

Can an organization prevent the next cyber attack? expand_more

CISOs and their security teams are frequently confronted with this critical question. To confidently answer, “Yes,” an organization needs to understand the effectiveness of its security defenses and prevention capabilities ensure that these controls are as working as expected. Prevention starts with proactive threat intelligence on who or what may be targeting the organization and other organizations in similar industries or the same region. Organizations also need to continually run automated evaluations of those specific threats against their prevention security controls.

What is security validation? expand_more

Security validation is an automated and continuous approach to testing the efficacy of an organization's security controls against cyber threats.

Is security validation a Breach and Attack Simulation technology (BAS)? expand_more

Security validation is distinctly different from attack simulation technologies. Security validation includes vast integrations with defensive technologies and attack execution across the the entire enterprise security environment. It is not limited to endpoint security controls. It uses real, active attack binaries to test the effectiveness of security controls. Attacks are emulated, not simulated or altered, and include full attack lifecycle visibility. In fact, altered attacks are frequently not recognized as threats by security controls and machine learning contributes further challenges when using simulated or fake attacks.

How does security validation work? expand_more

Security Validation is informed by timely threat intelligence and executes automated and continuous testing of security controls with the use of real attacks. Although there are different approaches to testing security effectiveness, the emulation of real attack behaviors and malware against an organization’s security controls and across the entire security stack enable the capture of quantifiable data on how security controls perform under attack. This approach to security validation provides visibility into gaps, misconfigurations and the ability to identify areas for improvement to continuously optimize security defenses against the most relevant threats.

What are the outcomes of security validation? expand_more

Data captured by security validation enables security teams to identify gaps, misconfigurations, redundancies, lack of accurate SIEM correlation and alerting within a security program and opportunities for continuous optimization and measure of improvement over time.

Can security validation safely test against malware and ransomware attacks? expand_more

Yes, there are certain security validation vendors that have the capability and architecture to safely test an organization’s ability to detect or prevent malware and ransomware attacks.

What are common use cases for security validation? expand_more
  • Evidence of security effectiveness (security infrastructure health)
  • Demonstrated value of security investments (spend rationalization)
  • Quantitative reporting to executives and non-technical stakeholders
  • Security framework assessments (MITRE ATT&CK Framework or NIST)
  • Technology evaluations
  • Operationalization of threat intelligence and threat actor assurance
  • Advanced malware and ransomware defense validation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Cloud controls validation
How does Mandiant deploy security validation? expand_more
  • Mandiant Advantage Security Validation. Cloud-based security validation offering delivered through the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform.
  • Validation as a service. Based on a customer’s desired business outcomes or specific threats, Mandiant offers continuous and automated validation and reporting solutions that use Mandiant validation technology, access to Mandiant experts and industry leading threat intelligence.

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