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Security Validation

Continuously validate and measure the effectiveness of your cybersecurity controls.

Quickly and confidently answer the question “Can we be breached by the latest attack?”

Gain confidence in your readiness to withstand the adversaries targeting your organization. Security Validation taps into the Mandiant Intel Grid to get the latest threat intelligence on threat actor TTPs and automates a testing program that gives you real data on how your security controls are performing, so you can optimize your environment and make the right investments in the future.

Prove Effectiveness


Safely test your security controls against the most prevalent attacks and malware families to prove your security is protecting critical assets.

Reduce Risk


Automated testing with access to relevant and active attack data from the Mandiant Intel Grid assists teams in identifying gaps, misconfigurations, and opportunities for optimization across your security environment.

Optimize & Rationalize Investments


Make data-driven decisions by capturing the quantifiable data you need to prove the value of your current security stack while determining areas for future investment.

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Prove the value of security investments

Until now, there has been no measurable way for SOC teams or CISOs to demonstrate the value of their security investments. Security Validation provides you with visibility and performance data to report on your organization's security posture and overall competency. This approach allows you to prioritize your risk optimization strategy based on the knowledge of which threats matter most to your organization. 

Compare Mandiant Security Validation to Breach and Attack Simulation

Why Breach and Attack Simulation is Not Enough

  Mandiant Security Validation Breach and Attack Simulation/BAS Solutions
Access to and integration of threat data on authentic, active and most prevalent attacks and adversary TTPs:
Measure performance of security controls against relevant, active attacks:
Ability to safely test against malware and ransomware:
Automated environmental drift detection of security controls:
Clear data that helps analyze return on investment performance:
Test across all phases of the attack lifecycle:
Support for controls optimization and SIEM fine tuning:
Ability to validate alert outcomes and reduce fatigue:

IDC InfoBrief

Hear from IDC Security Analyst Chris Kissel about why security outcomes aren’t changing despite significant investments, and his examination of security validation as a compelling use case for this dilemma.  The IDC InfoBrief shares a tangible  illustration of Mandiant’s intelligence-led Security Validation solution based on interviews with Mandiant Validation customers representing Healthcare, Technology, Insurance, Banking & Finance and Lending. 

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See how the Security Validation module enables your security team to capture data that proves your cyber security effectiveness and helps you realize potential cost savings.

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