Mandiant Advantage

Automation of Mandiant expertise as a virtual extension of your team

Effective security is not based on the security controls deployed, but the expertise and intelligence behind them. Mandiant takes an intelligence-led, multi-vendor approach to XDR, enhancing existing security controls and enabling the SOC to improve efficiency and efficacy in finding malicious security incidents quickly and at scale.  The Mandiant Advantage platform gives security teams an early knowledge advantage via the Mandiant Intel Grid, which provides platform modules with current and relevant threat data and analysis expertise. Armed with continuous security validation, detection and response, organizations are more secure from cyber threats and confident in their readiness.

Super-charge your existing security investments


Enhance your security capabilities through automation of Mandiant expertise as a virtual extension of your team - no matter which security controls you have deployed.

Enhance your visibility and prioritization


See the threats Mandiant sees targeting you and your peers and continuously monitor your attack surface and internal controls to drive prioritization and focus. 

Gain advantage quickly and scale efficiently


SaaS-based approach deploys in hours, scales with your environment and delivers consistent expert analysis without the need for extensive and costly manual efforts.   

Flexible Delivery


The Mandiant Advantage Platform is delivered as technology, with supporting expertise or a fully managed engagement based on your requirements.


Mandiant Advantage Platform

Create custom dashboards to view and filter the information and trends relevant to you. Respond to threats faster by ensuring that your team can quickly see relevant statuses and issues from your Mandiant products.

Mandiant Advantage Cards

Explore the Modules


Breach Analytics for Chronicle

Powered by Mandiant's Intel Grid™, Breach Analytics continuously monitors an organization’s real-time and historic threat alert data to identify and prioritize indicators of compromise (IOCs) present in their environment. Enabling fast resolution of potential breaches at significantly lower cost along with Chronicle's 12-month threat hunt retention.

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Advantage Module

Threat Intelligence

Empower your team with unparalleled frontline cyber threat intelligence to understand and proactively protect against the latest, most relevant threats facing your organization. Access breach intelligence before it is made publicly available to stay ahead of attackers.

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Advantage Module

Security Validation

Validate and continuously measure the effectiveness of your cyber security controls. Identify and implement opportunities for improvement, rationalize your security investment and remove duplicate or outdated security tools.

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Advantage Module

Attack Surface Management

See your organization through the eyes of the attacker. Continuously discover and monitor your attack surface. 

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"Mandiant Advantage helps customers focus on the threats that matter by providing the latest, most relevant threat intelligence and making it actionable."
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Travis Abrams

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XDR Platform FAQ

What is an XDR platform? expand_more

An extended detection and response (XDR) platform provides a holistic view of threats across an organization’s entire technology stack to improve detection and response capabilities and optimize SOC performance. It integrates security controls such as endpoint and network, data and analytics and security operations (SecOps), adding insights and data into attack detection and response.

What is Managed XDR vs MDR? expand_more

Managed XDR is widely considered an evolution of managed detection and response (MDR) services. Both offer a turnkey experience to help organizations perform the functions of detect, respond and recover in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

What is the Mandiant Intel Grid™? expand_more

The Mandiant Intel Grid is the core technology that fuels Mandiant’s relevant, up-to-the-moment breach intelligence and expertise and enables customers to respond to the threats that matter most to their organization. The Mandiant Intel Grid provides customers with an early knowledge advantage by automatically and continually updating Mandiant Advantage with the latest up-to-the-minute content.

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