Detect more threats, reduce toil, and uplevel your talent

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Improve Response Times

Enrich detection, investigation and response workflows with near real-time threat intelligence

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Support Skilled Resources

Augment your team with AI infused productivity and expertise when they need it

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Activate Cyber Defense Capabilities

Transform your technical and operational cyber defense capabilities with the help of experts

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The Defender’s Advantage Self-Assessment

Assess your organization’s capabilities across the six critical functions of cyber defense.

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Detect and respond with confidence

Know when malicious activity or suspected compromise exists in your environment. Improve prioritization and response times with threat detection, investigation and response workflows enriched with context from the attack surface and threat landscape.

Mandiant experts are available to help your organization in the event of a security incident.

Exploits are the #1 initial infection vector in incident response investigations.

Source: M-Trends 2023

63%In 63% of incidents the organizations were notified by external entities.

Source: M-Trends 2023

16 daysis the global medium dwell time.

Source: M-Trends 2023

Getting Started

Knowing where to begin can be a challenge. Set up time to tell us what your goals are and a Mandiant expert can help start identifying security exposures.