Digital Threat Monitoring

Visibility into the open, deep and dark web to anticipate threats

See Impending Threats and Uncover Unknown Leaks

Use industry leading threat intelligence for visibility across the open, deep and dark web so you can monitor underground marketplaces, paste sites, blogs, social media, forums, malware repositories and more to anticipate attacks and detect unknown data and credentials leaks.



Visibility across the internet including the deep and dark web

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Early warning of malicious targeting and potential attacks

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Early notice of breaches or data or credential leaks from internal and external sources

DTM Report

Focus on what’s important 

Your security tools create alerts all day.  Unfortunately, many of these alerts are false positives or low priority alerts.  Digital Threat Monitoring uses machine learning to extract actionable information from our stream of proprietary threat intelligence and combine it with frontline knowledge. The result is higher quality alerts and less wasted time.

Visibility into the Deepest and Darkest Corners of the Internet

Detect and respond to external threats by monitoring the open, deep and dark web, which provides early warning of threat actors targeting your organization and notification of data and credential leaks so you can respond quicker. 

Open Web

Open web

Also known as the surface or clear web, this is easily accessible data indexed by search engines–but it only comprises 10% of available information

Deep Web

Deep web

Most online information falls into this category, were data is not indexed by search engines; this includes academic networks and information that requires payment or registration.

Dark Web

Dark web

This section of the Internet requires special software (such as TOR) and configurations to access and criminal forums and marketplaces are typically hosted here (the "underground").

Tailored Monitoring to What Matters Most to You

Some threat actors are motivated by money, others by espionage. No matter what is motivating them, you need to know what’s at risk. Use unique and tailored keywords to monitor potential malicious activity targeting multiple areas of your organization.


Prevent the loss of customers, revenue, and trust


Prevent targeted attacks and better mitigate hacktivism

Technical resources

Mitigate extortion and data loss

Trusted relationships

Prevent a conduit to a data breach or disruption of your supply chain

Create Monitor

Templated monitors simplify the setup and tuning process. These pre-configured templates will help ensure your monitors for keywords are effective from the beginning reducing false positives and negatives.

Value-Added Managed Option

Let Mandiant lighten the load on your team with Managed Digital Threat Monitoring. A designated Mandiant intelligence analyst will help triage, prioritize, and provide contextual analysis to alerts so you can effectively mitigate the effect of data leaks, ransomware, and other cyber threats. Managed Digital Threat Monitoring maximizes the integration of industry-leading Mandiant Threat Intelligence; the designated analyst can leverage the full suite of Mandiant resources to provide context on threat alerts.

Digital Threat Monitoring

Digital Risk Protection

Digital Threat Monitoring is an essential piece of Mandiant’s digital risk protection solution. Offered as a collection of products or services, it gives you the ability to identify high-risk attack vectors, malicious orchestration from the deep and dark web, and attack campaigns on the open web. Mandiant’s digital risk protection solution also provides contextual information on threat actors and their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to provide a complete cyber threat profile, enabling you to stay relentless in your fight to protect your digital assets, supply chain and brand.


Uplevel Your Security Team with a Digital Risk Protection Solution

Learn what a digital risk protection solution is and how it can help you be better prepared by understanding who is targeting you, what they’re after, and how they plan to compromise you.


Strengthen Your Cyber Risk Profile with Mandiant

Learn how a digital risk protection solution gives you visibility into your global attack surface and dark web activity and builds a complete cyber threat profile.

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