Managed Detection and Response

Managed Defense is Mandiant's MDR Service.

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Comprehensive Protection from Advanced and Emerging Threats

Gain peace of mind knowing Mandiant is on the job protecting you against advanced and emerging threats. Our managed detection and response (MDR) service defends your business across endpoint, network, cloud, email and operational technology providing around the clock, lightning-fast detection, human analysis and expert response. Managed Defense supports a wide array of products and vendors, from endpoint to network to cloud telemetries.

Expert detection and hunt


Mandiant experts monitor and investigate alerts and proactively hunt for attackers across your entire infrastructure.

Rapid, Complete Response


Contain and remediate threats before they impact your business with the collective knowledge and experience of Mandiant.

Amplify Your Team


Partner with our team of dedicated experts to train, advise and elevate your program.

Trending Evil Q3

Trending Evil

Trending Evil Q3

Get insight into important threat actors, malware, and tactics observed by Managed Defense. This cyber threat report not only reveals firsthand observations but equips you with defensive actions so you can strengthen your security posture.

Protect and Defend with Mandiant Experts

Managed detection and response to enhance your security.

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Accelerate Your Response

Benefit from the speed with which Managed Defense integrates frontline knowledge and attacker research to protect customers at speed and scale. Leverage Managed Defense experts to stop attacks and resolve incidents without impact or the need for a formal Incident Response engagement.

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Expose Hidden Adversaries

Proactively hunt for hidden malicious activity and cyber attacks. Managed Defense threat hunting is defined by up-to-the-minute threat intelligence and mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Through the Managed Defense portal, you can see hunting activities in real time. 

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Minimize Your Risk Against Ransomware

Get a head start defending against today’s biggest threats with our knowledge of what attackers are doing right now.  Managed Defense leverages in-depth knowledge about attacker behavior to reduce the dwell time of multifaceted threat actors and help protect your business from extortion, ransom, downtime and theft. 

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Leverage Mandiant Expertise and the Latest Threat Intelligence

Get support from experts who routinely respond to and protect against motivated adversaries and leverage their knowledge of the attacker to improve your ability to make fast, informed decisions. 


Managed Detection and Response Powered by Intelligence and Expertise


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Managed Defense MDR Features

Augment your defenses with a managed detection and response service backed by both Mandiant threat intelligence and incident response. Managed Defense includes standard and unique features to protect from stealthy and damaging attacks.

Detection and Threat Hunting

Managed detection to identify the most impactful threats

Expert monitoring and threat hunting to identify and investigate the most critical threats that need attention, saving your team time and effort.

Alerts supplemented with critical threat context

Enrich alerts with Mandiant threat intelligence to inform decision-making.

Proactive threat hunting with MITRE ATT&CK mapping

Detect hidden malicious activity and potential cyber attacks with threat hunting missions adapted in real time to changes in attacker behavior and mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. 



Rapid response to reduce the impact of a security incident

Avoid the added cost of onsite IR with swift investigations to stop incidents before they disrupt your business.

Contain impacted hosts

Receive help from experts to act quickly and contain potentially compromised assets as directed.

Actionable guidance for an effective response

Benefit from remediation recommendations based on the collective knowledge and experience of Mandiant.


Enhance Your Security

A designated team of experts you can depend on

Amplify your team with experts who provide insights on tactics we know attackers are leveraging right now.

Threat Intelligence

Gain a deeper understanding of threats from Mandiant's industry-leading threat intelligence with articles linked to your investigation and hunting results to help you make informed decisions.

Expanded coverage of security operations

Gain around-the-clock monitoring of alerts and expert coverage for your Security Operations Center (SOC).

Security fortification to improve effectiveness

Ongoing assessments and recommendations informed by relevant intelligence and understanding of your environment.

Managed Defense Offerings

Managed Defense for CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike Falcon platform customers can confidently depend on the power of CrowdStrike and expertise from Mandiant.

Managed Defense for SentinelOne

Drive better outcomes with Singularity XDR and expertise from Mandiant.

Managed Defense for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint customers can enhance their security with up-to-the-minute threat intelligence and the support of experts who routinely respond to and protect against motivated adversaries.

Managed Defense for Operational Technology

MDR services specifically tailored for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) / Operational Technology (OT) environments.

Managed Defense for Trellix

Trellix customers can defend their environments with MDR support across endpoint, network, cloud, email from Mandiant experts.

Getting Started

Join forces with frontline experts—amplify your team and elevate your security with managed detection and response services from Mandiant.

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Review the Full Benefits of Managed Defense

Learn how managed detection and response delivered by frontline experts can improve your defenses.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) FAQ

What is managed detection and response (MDR)? expand_more

MDR is a managed security service that monitors an organization’s security technology 24/7 and applies human intelligence and interpretation to quickly find and investigate impactful events, proactively hunt for ongoing or past breaches and respond before attacks impact operations.

What is Mandiant Managed Defense? expand_more

Mandiant Managed Defense is an MDR service that provides 24/7 access to security experts who monitor an organization’s security technology to quickly find and investigate impactful events, reduce attacker dwell-time by proactively hunting for ongoing or past breaches, and respond before attacks impact your business.

What is proactive threat hunting? expand_more

Proactive threat hunting is a human-led process of searching for covert signs of an active or attempted compromise. It combines knowledge, intuition and automation to test defenses against known attacker behavior, tactics and targets.

How can MDR reduce the risk of ransomware? expand_more

Speed matters when trying to stop a ransomware attack. MDR providers offer a turnkey experience with dedicated cyber experts to monitor systems 24/7, investigate disparate alerts and form effective responses more quickly.

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