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IT environments are ever-changing and dynamic. New applications, infrastructure and data are often added without the security team’s knowledge, expanding the attack surface without adherence to security policies.

So how do you combat the risks to your environment? 
See your digital footprint through the eyes of the attacker...


Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management is an early warning system for information security, that allows you to:

  • Create comprehensive visibility through graph-based mapping
  • Know when assets change to stay ahead of the threat
  • Empower security operations to mitigate real-world threats
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"To optimize security operations and ensure a focus on the most critical vulnerabilities, it is essential that an organization receive actionable intelligence to quickly analyze any threat and immediately assess both its importance and the degree of exposure within their environment. This process used to be very manual, time-consuming, and error prone – now an organization can just use Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management."


Former cybersecurity advisor to NASA, FBI, Secret Service