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Mandiant Intel Grid™ Breach Intelligence

Powering Mandiant Advantage products with our renowned Breach Intelligence and Expertise.

Expertise and Intelligence Delivered with Technology Scale

Mandiant's Intel Grid is the core enabling technology that fuels our products with Mandiant's relevant, up-to-the-moment breach intelligence and expertise so you can prioritize efforts by responding to the threats that matter to your organization. This unique breach intelligence is derived from Mandiant analyst research, managed services investigations and over 900 incident response engagements conducted every year.

Early Knowledge Advantage

Our incident response consultants discover adversarial techniques, tools, malware and indicators of compromise (IOCs) well before they are widely known or categorized – and continue to track them as they evolve. This early knowledge data is continually added to the Intel Grid, automatically updating customers’ Mandiant Advantage products and dramatically reducing the time to leverage this information from weeks to minutes.

Driving Additional Insights through Data Science

Leveraging petabytes of data and experience from direct incident response engagements, Mandiant’s Intel Grid contains relationship, impact and attributions derived from data science techniques. In addition, the Intel Grid’s data science drives significant advances in product detection models and adversary scoring.

Level up

Mandiant Advantage customers get what Mandiant knows, when we know it, to better defend their enterprise.

Shortcut to maturity

Save time, resources and budget typically allocated to integrating intelligence and expertise into security platforms – Mandiant products all automatically tap into the Intel Grid.

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Automate security operations with Advantage

Mandiant Advantage combines XDR capabilities with the Mandiant Intel Grid, embedded into automated solutions that prioritize detections, validate defenses, identify the latest threats and lower security costs. With Mandiant Advantage, teams can:

  • Automate time-consuming manual tasks
  • Easily integrate and use preferred tools
  • Effortlessly switch between Mandiant products with single login
  • Improve your overall security posture