Managed Defense for CrowdStrike

Strengthen detection and response with CrowdStrike and Mandiant

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Rely on the power of CrowdStrike and the
expertise of Mandiant

Security leaders looking for mission-focused partners to help outmaneuver even the most advanced attackers can confidently depend on the power of CrowdStrike Falcon®️ Insight XDR™️ and MDR expertise from Mandiant Managed Defense.

Managed Defense analysts, cyber threat hunters and incident responders work hand-in-hand with your team 24x7 to monitor your environment, and investigate and respond to critical events.

Mandiant defenders are backed by nation-state grade threat intelligence and enable your security team to make better informed security decisions.

Streamline your operations with detection and response from Mandiant

Engineer at Multiple Monitors

Augment your defense 24x7

By augmenting your security team with Managed Defense, Mandiant experts will monitor your network 24x7, using your trusted CrowdStrike technology. Supported by Mandiant Threat Intelligence, our experts will prioritize and investigate alerts, proactively hunt for hidden breaches, contain affected systems, and empower you to respond effectively.

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Reduce dwell time with
human-led hunting

Combining techniques observed “in the wild” with threat intelligence from Mandiant, our hunting team goes to work for customers who use CrowdStrike Falcon®️ Insight XDR™️. Managed Defense threat hunting is supported by up-to-the-minute threat intelligence and mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. You see exactly what we are hunting and can access intelligence articles in Mandiant Advantage to learn more about threats we have observed and why they’re impactful.

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Resolve incidents quickly

Managed Defense integrates frontline intelligence and attacker research to protect you at speed and scale. Managed Defense experts can help you stop attacks and resolve incidents without impact or the need for a formal incident response engagement.


Additional benefits for CrowdStrike customers

With 1,100+ Mandiant analysts and researchers, Managed Defense becomes a true partner to you as a CrowdStrike customer. Mandiant works with your team to correlate observed activity and respond appropriately through additional investigation, containment or remediation.


  • Find actionable and malicious incidents in real time
  • Triage prioritized alerts with a Mandiant expert within minutes
  • Investigate, respond, and remediate in minutes, not hours
  • Hunt continuously using up-to-the-minute threat intelligence
  • Stay up to date with full transparency on alert, investigation and hunt mission status
  • Adopt real-world proactive strategies to improve your overall security posture
  • Join forces with dedicated security experts who are a phone call away


Managed Detection and Response Powered by Intelligence and Expertise

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